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The Turning Point - Book Signing Coming Soon!


The Best Books to Read This June – “The Turning Point

Author said that "The Turning Point" is a good read whether you believe it or not.

Are you an avid reader awaiting a new book release? While others cancel festivals and shut down events, the town is gearing up for a June celebration focused on a new book. Meet and Greet with the author and get his new book "It is a good read whether you believe it or not.” It will be released on June 27th.

The Turning Point

It’s about him and his struggles and how he learned to survive and craft a new way to live under the most unusual set of circumstances. This book is excellent! The message is important to most prison inmates but also to those in halfway houses and on probation, because they are reminded almost daily that they failed. For those in recovery, "The Turning Point" reinforces the comforting reality that imperfection and discipline can indeed co-exist. What I like about writing this book is that it’s positive, short and to the point.

It conveys a strong motivational message that should broadly distribute throughout the country. I may not have been a particularly spiritual person up to this point. But the wonderful news is that regardless of your past relationship or lack of relationship with your creator, you can turn to him right now and ask him to fill the empty part of your heart and soul. God will never judge you for your past. He only cares about your today and all your tomorrows. Trust in God and make a Turning Point in your life. If I can do it, I know that you can too.

Most readers assume that

"The Turning Point" new books are not discounted as compared to the used book which is not true. Commonly the publishing houses throw discounts on their upcoming projects in the hope of getting pre-orders.

This gives them a head start in recovering the return on investment much before the book hits the stands. Also, it gives them an estimate of the reach of their advertisements and the demand for the book. It is an ideal way to know how many people are looking forward for the book. The digital age has given a new dimension to reaching people for new releases. This makes both the reader and the publisher very happy.

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