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The Top 10 Best Apps and Platforms For Temporary Staffing

As of November 2021, there were more than one million job vacancies in the United Kingdom. In comparison to the same time period in 2020, this was an increase of 500,000. According to a recent post on Business Leader, employee turnover is on the rise, and this means businesses are having a hard time retaining their existing workforce.


Staffing shortages are unavoidable, no matter how carefully a company plans its workforce.


Redwigwam, the UK’s largest flexible staffing company, says only by adopting new approaches can businesses expect to overcome staffing shortages that are at a “critical juncture”.


Online temp service apps are reshaping the nature of work for many professions and drastically altering how firms find and hire qualified personnel. More and more businesses, from retail and hospitality to technology and creative agencies, are outsourcing functional activities and building virtual and temporary personnel and teams to satisfy the requirements of an erratic and highly dynamic work schedule.


Employers can benefit from these platforms in more ways than just finding the right employees. In addition, these platforms make it easier to locate and hire suitable candidates for short-term assignments. Traditional employment agencies, company marketing, or personal recommendations often take six to eight weeks to fill positions. Whereas establishing or even using a staffing platform can dramatically decrease the search-to-hire procedure to less than a week, according to a recent study conducted by the university of Oxford. It was also noted that individuals employed through staffing platforms were able to produce comparable or better-quality work than those hired through traditional sourcing channels


The need for staffing apps & platforms

Finding the right employees is still a problem for many small businesses. When a business owner has to spend time away from other responsibilities to review applications, interview people, and negotiate pay, it can be detrimental to the company's long-term success. When it comes to finding new employees, some companies rely on staffing agencies, who have their own employees ready to fill vacant positions. Staffing agencies allow employers to focus on expanding their business, take on new short-term initiatives without having to increase their long-term employment.


Many businesses consider temporary staffing to be an essential component of their entire business strategy. The ability to better manage labor requirements as supply and demand fluctuates can make the difference between a successful year and a year in the red. Temporary staffing also gives employers the freedom to recruit as many or as few people as they require. It allows them to tackle special projects, large workloads, and cover shifts as and when necessary. Temp workers hired through a reputable agency will also be qualified and experienced, ensuring that you won't have to compromise on quality in the process. Employers can also use temporary staffing agencies to test out new employees before making a permanent hire when the time is right.


It is now evident why temporary workers are so vital to businesses. Customers gain from greater service, and employees on temp job apps, benefit from the flexibility of the workforce as well.


Here’s our list of the best top ten temporary recruitment apps and platforms you can try today.


1. redwigwam

Redwigwam, is the largest staffing platform in the UK, with over 200,000 temporary workers. This platform has helped more than 5,000 businesses, both large and small, locate and manage high-quality temp workers to meet their staffing needs. Businesses can make use redwigwam's scalable, AI-powered recruitment platform in real-time to hire more workers whenever and wherever they need it.


Redwigwam operate in a variety of industries all over the UK, and place a special emphasis on hospitality.


2. Indeed Flex (Formerly Syft App)

Indeed Flex  is an internet marketplace that primarily serves the hospitality sector by providing temporary workers. The platform cuts out the need for middlemen by connecting businesses directly with available temporary workers. Employees can create their own profiles on Indeed Flex. Companies publish job openings and review the applications that are received. There's no need for them to worry about anything at all, as the platform takes care of everything else.


Indeed Flex's mobile app is a major selling factor. All of the platform’s features can be accessed on mobile devices, and is available on both iOS and Android.


3. Limber

Limber is a temporary job app targeted towards the hospitality industry. The platform has a mobile app, which is available for both iOS and Android users. They are widely known by companies seeking to increase their work force for one-time events.


Creating a Limber profile is easy. Prospective candidates can apply for roles when organisations publish job openings. Limber, like the other apps, handles payroll and administrative tasks. Limber's pricing options for hiring businesses include pay-as-you-go and subscription models. For those wondering what benefits come with having a subscription. Well, their subscription service eliminates the need to pay for hires and provides users with a personal account manager.


4. Flexy

Flexy helps job seekers find work in a wide range of settings, including retail, hospitality, and even office work. The platform aims to set itself apart as a temp service app with a difference. Everything with Flexy happens through their mobile app, which is accessible for iOS and Android. A brief onboarding process is required of all new members, they then use the app to apply for the jobs they want. Employers join the site and advertise job openings. With Flexy's support, they can find the best possible prospects.


Flexy handles all payroll and administrative duties.


5. Job Today

Job Today is a job posting platform with a mobile recruiting app that serves companies from a variety of industries and more than 7 million job seekers globally. There is a chat feature incorporated into the platform, as well as an easy-to-use dashboard for job posting, resume searches, and candidate tracking.


Other features include:

  • The platform is simple to use and has a lot of features.
  • Job seekers can post their resumes for free on the job board.
  • Filters for advanced searches are available at the job board.
  • Employers can search candidate profiles.
  • The site features a branded employer profile page that includes videos, photos, and links.
  • The built-in chat tool allows employers to engage with candidates.
  • Employers have access to a global pool of job seekers from a wide range of industries.


6. Tempo

Tempo is a well-known temporary staffing agency used by over 10,000 candidates and 500 employers. To help employers, determine whether a candidate is a good fit, job seekers create a video profile of themselves. Hiring organizations publish employment specifics on the platform, such as time, location, and salary, to attract candidates.


Employers select the most qualified candidates by watching their video profiles and can then proceed to hire the individuals they've shortlisted for the role. Tempo handles all the paperwork, including contracts, wages, and benefits.


7. Reecru

Reecru is a relatively new player on the market, having launched in April 2018. Reecru is unique in that it provides recruiters with short-term employment. Reecru allows freelance recruiters to sign up and construct their own profiles. When trying to hire permanent employees, businesses publish their requirements online, and select a recruiter. The recruiter then handles everything else, including assessing resumes and candidates, and prepping them for an interview.  The company conducts an interview with the candidate and, if successful, hires them.


A flat fee of £999 is charged by the platform for jobs with salaries of up to £50,000.


8. Coople

On-demand staffing platform Coople has over 300,000 registered workers in Europe and around the world. Coople’s platform helps to connect job seekers with companies in search of employees. More than 100,000 workers are provided by Coople, and they also handle all right-to-work checks, administration, and payroll operations. Coople is free to use, and companies only have to pay hourly wages.


The Coople app, which is available on both iOS and Android, uses a proprietary algorithm to match job seekers with the most relevant openings. With the use of the app and platform, customers can provide reviews for other businesses and employees, creating a transparent network of reputable enterprises and employees. Coople has offices in London and Zurich and has been in operation since 2009.


9. Adia

Adia simplifies the hiring process for both employers and job seekers. It is a market-leading on-demand staffing platform that enables organizations to hire efficiently across multiple industries. Adia began operations in 2016 and already has employees in multiple cities across the United States.



  • Businesses can assemble an A-team. Workers can be hired for permanent or temporary roles, as well as for a few shifts. Adia also provides clients with the tools necessary to connect and develop the critical relationships necessary for individuals and businesses to grow.
  • Businesses can request a demo and speak with a representative. This way, Adia can learn more about their company’s needs and explain how to acquire a workforce in no time.


10. GiG

Employers and employees alike benefit from GIG’s fair and transparent labour marketplace, which enables the dynamic and immediate nature of shift work that gig workers desire. GIG makes it possible for enterprises to access a consistent supply of high-quality workers on-demand.


So, what makes the GIG app so unique?

GIG Profile: The GIG Profile has been designed to allow users showcase their abilities and differentiate themselves from the competition. GIG profile highlights the user’s expertise and work-related interests for employers to view and engage with.


GIG Hub: The hub serves as a central location for not only searching and filtering shifts, but also checking in on forthcoming and active shifts, allowing users to organize any approved, upcoming, and sought-after shifts, all in one location.


TL;DR: Temporary staffing is the solution to the current staff shortage crisis, and here are the top 10 temporary recruitment platforms and apps you can try out today.


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