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The Testimony of Ashley & Colby Campbell


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Word of God presents Gratitude: UnFiltered IV “The Testimonies of Colby & Ashley Campbell” with host Joshua T Berglan..


Colby & Ashley Campbell Colby Campbell thought he’d never get a divorce. His wife gave him no other choice. As a result of years of pain and betrayal, bitterness and unforgiveness, his heart became hard. NOW, married twice to the same woman with a new heart, his experience has taught him what love is AND what it’s not; also what forgiveness is AND what it’s not. Colby owns a turf management business that provides for his wife, Ashley, and 3 children.

Colby enjoys working out with Ashley, coaching his children’s P.E. class and working on projects on his Promised Land. From a Proverbs 5 promiscuous woman to a Proverbs 31 wife, Ashley Campbell has been radically transformed by the grace of God. Her marriage far surpasses even her writings in her childhood diary. She is the stay at home mom to 3 young children—all 3 of them born at home. Ashley spends her days homeschooling on the land they own just outside the city. While she enjoys all things fitness and nutrition, she loves figuring out new ways to live minimally as a family of 5. Spending quality time every day with her children has given her an immense amount of gratitude for her family who almost never was.


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