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The Secret to Magic Alchemy Manifestation

It’s all about Y.O.U., Your Own Uniqueness, your Divine Design the seed of excellence only you can share and shine. Your Thrive Drive lies waiting to be engaged. Nature compels us all to move and grow through life. We cannot remain still however much we wish. Thus deep inside of us we each naturally want to develop and improve and to continue this development and evolve our cybernetic biomechanical machine throughout our life.


Thought/feeling/vibration is constructive and that is where Magic Alchemy Manifestation comes in. The mind is the creative force and it is the use of the mind that overcomes your environmental circumstances and every other obstacle.


In Magic Alchemy Manifestation mind is the only creator there is. The only way in which the spiritual force can manifest is through the process of thinking/feeling/vibration. thinking/feeling/vibration is the only activity that the spirit possesses. When you win against distraction with focused attention the product is Magic Alchemy Manifestation. Yes M.A.M. and Hot D.A.M.


Your Cybernetic Mind creates negative conditions as readily as favorable conditions. When you, consciously or unconsciously, allow distraction to win our attention we create these conditions. This is what many of us are doing unconsciously all the time.


Life s.u.c.c.e.s.s. Laws governing the mental and spiritual world are as fixed and infallible as in the material world. A proper compliance with the law will be found to produce desired results with invariable exactitude. Learn that power comes from within.


Throw yourself on your own thoughts with proper application, diligence, and concentration. Place yourself in harmony with the life s.u.c.c.e.s.s. law to share in its benefits. Nature makes two blades of grass grow where one grew before, and your super-mind-power enables us to do the same thing. The only possible value is in practical application.


Substitute thoughts of courage, power, inspiration, and harmony are for thoughts of failure, despair, lack, limitation, and discord. Know mind/spirit dominates every field of effort, it is the material of manifestation. Your mind creates the relations of cause and effect and cannot be ignored. For every result, there is an adequate and definite cause, let your attentive mind superpower be the cause.


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