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The Jacque' Allen Internationally Inspires Women to Face Their Fears and Best-friend Their Soul

For Jacque' Allen (@TheJacqueAllen) , self-love and motivation has always been a pillar for success in any endeavor. With a vast work filed experience, along with her many certificates, licenses, and even a Key to a City, Allen began her career as a Business Development Manager and dipping in the field of Native Teaching.


She has since transitioned from what we call the traditional classroom to letting the globe be her office. The Jacque' Allen now puts her primary focus on building a community of support, empowerment, and a sisterhood: Helping Women Find Their Wings.

Along with the ITunes and Google Play published podcast she has created, Allen main focus is to build, empower, and help those worldwide to believe in themselves even more.  She volunteers speaking at schools, and aids in sharpening skills in areas such as spirituality, entrepreneurship, personal development, health, beauty, and travel.

Who is The Jacque' Allen ? What is Shift and Uplift really about?

The Jacque’ Allen is a woman who believes in herself. She believes that every person can create their own ending to their story. Every person can create that Fantasy Life they want. Be successful, every person can achieve everything they set their hearts out to do. She believes everything you need is within, you just have to dig deep and best-friend your soul.

Shift and Uplift is all about changing your mindset to change your life. Everyone around you may not be positive, happy, or successful, but that has nothing to do with you. Shift and Uplift is about turning your dreams and Fantasies, into Realities.  The negative voices in your head will drive you crazy, if you listen, so that’s where Shift and Uplift come in to play. Shift your negative thinking, and Uplift your darn self! Believe in yourself! Be your own Number 1 fan.


How do you remain focused and productive on a daily/weekly/monthly basis?

Geesh. This! For me, I have learned what works best is to disconnect from the world. Not be involved on social media or any other platforms I can see other people’s work. That way everything I do, and everything I come up with is organic. When I do this, I’m not worried about who is doing what, nor do I feel behind. I’m on my own pace, in my own race.

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