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The History of Video Surveillance by Turingvideo

Video Surveillance can be defined as the observation or review of specific sites for security and commercial purposes. Video surveillance cameras have become popular because of their ease of use and simplicity in security surveillance. There are different types of video surveillance cameras, including CCTV cameras, CCTV accessories and video security systems.


Other types of cameras include dome cameras, bullet cameras, day and night cameras that can shoot video images at a 360-degree angle, infrared cameras that can shoot images at night, anti-vandal (unbreakable) cameras, and hidden cameras. Video surveillance cameras are used in shopping malls, police cars, parks and other public places, companies, as well as banks and ATM machines.


Video surveillance has become an indispensable part of companies and law enforcement agencies that widely use these cameras. The images and videos captured by the video surveillance cameras can be adopted as evidence in court. This makes them essential for law enforcement and security agencies around the world.

New inventions in this field (such as digital cameras) allow companies to study customer traffic and monitor the security of any site without manual intervention. Digital cameras also provide "smart" models with motion detection software that can capture any untimely or abnormal motion.


With the help of these cameras, many criminal cases have been successfully resolved, and the ever-changing technology will only increase the practicality of these in the field of law enforcement. With proper surveillance at the airport, days like Black Tuesday can be avoided. This is the main reason why airports and other traffic stations have strengthened security by installing smart Video Surveillance technologies such as digital cameras.


Video surveillance is becoming a commercial and security tool, and it has proven to be indispensable for reviewing and analyzing customers and lawbreakers. With the vigorous development of the IT industry, cameras are becoming cheaper and more advanced auxiliary components.


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