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The Best Third Party Joy Cons that you'd Love - Review Guide!

Switch joy-cons are amazing controllers and one of the best Nintendo Switch accessories. However, it isn't necessary to get these from Nintendo switch accessories only every time. Instead, you can also use 3rd party switch joy-con.


However, one of the best things people love about 3rd party switch joy-con is that these are available in fun colors. Even more, 3rd party switch joy-con options also improve on the original design’s some complaints.


How to choose the best 3rd party joy-con

However, do you want to buy 3rd party switch joy-con? But don’t want to pay for original Nintendo switch accessories? Then you must know the key features to look for in switch joy-con to make a better choice.


Quality of 3rd party switch joy-con

Let’s face this fact, the quality of a switch joy-con is one of the most unavoidable features. It is because no one wants to spend on a poorly built or low-quality joy-con. So, investing in the one that comes up with quality and is capable of staying with you for longer is essential.


Your switch joy con also provides a good feel to its triggers and buttons. So, making it stand out among other 3rd party switch joy-con options would become easier. Also, getting more immersed in the breath of your favorite game from the couch will be possible.


Important note

However, do you want to buy the best quality 3rd party switch joy-con? Or do you want to invest in the switch joy-con offering solid build, satisfying triggers and sticks, and handy programmable buttons? Head to NYXI Gaming to put your hands on the highest possible quality switch joy cons.


Battery life of 3rd party switch joy-con

For an uninterrupted gaming experience buying a joy-con with longer battery life is important. This makes battery life an important feature to consider while buying a switch joy-con. So, if you want to play games for longer you must buy the joy-con with improved battery life.


Cost of 3rd party switch joy-con

This is another important factor to consider while buying a switch joy. Most commonly people can’t buy original joy-con because of their price. So, looking for an affordable alternative is important.


However, it is easier to buy affordable joy cons. Even you can get these in packaged form as well. So, buying the joy-con available at an affordable price isn't that difficult.


Design of 3rd party switch joy-con

Getting a joy-con that you can hold comfortably for longer is important. It is because a switch joy con must be as helpful as comfortable to enjoy your favorite games more effectively. Joy-cons usually come up with both right and left controllers. Choosing the one that has a compact design coming up with a wrist strap pair is always better. This will let you have a strong grip easily.


Final thoughts

Well, at the end of the day which joy-con you want to buy is in your hands completely. However, we always recommend you make a more informed choice. It is because the joy-con you buy will make a huge impact on your gaming experience. Therefore, it is highly important to consider essential features before making any decision.


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