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The Best Headphones For Runners

As a runner, you most important running accessory is most definitely your shoes but coming in at a close second is a killer playlist. But of what use is a killer playlist if your earphones or headphones make listening to them a chore? Running without good music is torture, it’s no fun at all and I personally believe that bad headphones are even worse – breaking off your songs, cutting off your music, no one wants that. To really enjoy your run, you need good quality, headphones.


Now, good quality headphones are not necessarily good for running. You need to get earphones or headphones that are optimized for runners. And there are several things that you need to consider. First, you need to check for how waterproof and sweatproof they are. Can you access the controls easily? You also need to check for how well the headphones will stay in your ears. The ear tips must be comfortable, and the headphones should be able to pair with the running apps you use. There are also some good headphones that can track your heart rate and count your steps, but this shouldn’t be a deal breaker, especially if you’re not looking to break the bank.


There are many types of headphones available for runners. It doesn’t matter whether you are going for a quick jog or preparing for a marathon below, we’ll cover the best types of headphones for you.


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Wireless headphones are great for those that don’t like the tangle of wires. They are also suitable for runners that carry their phones in a waist pack which is difficult to reach with cords. Most wireless headphones use Bluetooth but a few use link cables. Some also come with other features like voice control, fitness tracking etc. No matter the feature you need, there’s a wireless headphone out there for you.


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Wired earphones are the most popular of all. Apart from running, they can be connected to other devices like computers, video game consoles and more. They can be used almost anywhere. But, they are simple and don’t often come with as many features as wireless headphones. If you need a simple headphone without all the unnecessary features that you may not use, wired earbuds are best for you. Also, they are usually more affordable than their wireless counterparts – but, make sure they’re waterproof/ sweatproof.


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Unique, cute and sleek looking, over-ear headphones may just be the perfect headphones for runners. They are perfect for you if you don’t like the feeling of earbuds in their ears. And their noise cancellation capabilities are some of the best you’ll find anywhere.


To Conclude

It doesn’t matter what type of music you’re into – running with music will go a long way in improving your performance. From running faster and harder to helping you beat the boredom, adding music to your runs with a decent pair of headphones can make a world of difference.

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