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The Best 3rd Party Joy-Con for Nintendo Switch 2021

The joy-cons are an exclusive type of controller for Nintendo Switch but don’t get them from Nintendo. One of the most attractive joy-con features that people love is the vast range of color options. And if you buy them from a third party, they won’t even take this option away. Some third-party suppliers also improve the complaints people put forward regarding the original design. If you are looking forward to buying joy-cons at a reasonable price and don’t want to buy it from Nintendo, then you can pick the best 3rd party Joy-cons for a switch!


NYXI Wireless Joy-Pad with 8 Colors LED For Switch

This Wireless Joy-Pad comes up with multiple features making life easier for customers. One of the best features is its connectivity. You don’t need to connect again and again after when it is connected to your device. It connects automatically. Some other features are mentioned below.

  • 6-Axis Gyro

Its 6-axis Gyroscope allow players to control movements in quick time and in a smooth way.


  • LED colors and 3 modes Breathe

Rainbow LED makes you gaming experience way better. It makes you feel like plying game in a special gaming environment.


  • Adjustable Turbo & Mapping Function

It allows you to adjust your buttons according to your need. You can map your fire button at rectangular button given at the right or left side to making firing rapidly. It helps a lot while playing firing games.


  • Excellent Battery Performance

It has 600mAh Battery that can help you play for at least 8 hours for one charge. Its standby time is almost 20 hours.


  • Comfortable Design

The design of the Joy-Pad is unique as it has bigger buttons. You will never get confused while playing.


Best fire Nintendo Switch Joy-con controller:

Most of the third-party joy-cons can’t read amiibo, but the Best Fire controllers are amiibo friendly. It has vibrating and motion-sensing functions providing you with all the basic functions of Nintendo joy-con. For Nintendo joy-con lovers, these controllers are made to resemble the old Gameclub controller. You can use a USB to charge this set, or a switch system may also be used.


Officially Nintendo licensed Hori Split pad pro:

If you enjoy the pro-controller feeling, but you are also interested in all the functionalities of Joy-cons, then this Nintendo Licensed Hori split pad pro is a perfect choice for you. When you compare the original joy-con to it, this one provides more support at the controller’s back and a wider grip. To ease your gaming experience, this 3rd party joy-con for the switchhas extra programming buttons at the back of the device. This device uses your switch battery to charge.


JALVDE wireless joy-con controller:

The original look of this device is similar to the joy-con of Nintendo, but when we compare original joy-con to it, it has more grip on the back and sides. If you are searching for a traditional controller, feel then it is the perfect pick for you. Customers enjoy its vibrating and motion-sensing features.


Proslife Joy Pad Controller:

The purple tint of the cover will take you back to Gameboy days, giving you a sense of nostalgia. There are also other options if you want to change the color of the cover. In addition to its attractive appearance, players are also offered a controller option that supports motion controls, all modes, easy-grip, etc. Therefore, it is considered one of the best joypads from third parties.



This set has made it to the best 3rd party joy-con for switch list as it provides wider grip. They provide a programmable turbo button instead of a handheld mode. The set is available in a variety of colors. Now you can enjoy an immersive experience with motion control.


The controller you use matters a lot as it greatly affects your gaming experience. Some customers prefer a traditional controller while others want to have the same controller as the console intended. If you follow the opinion of the latter one, then it is important to choose the best 3rd party Joy-con for a switch that perfectly fits your play style.NYXI provides its best services for players to get their lifetime best experience. Do check them out for more offers and valuable accessories. 


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