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The Basic Elements of Marriage Proposal: Flowers and Rings

Proposing marriage is not a simple matter nowadays. Not only does the girlfriend want an unexpected surprise, but the boyfriend also wants to create unforgettable memories for the girlfriend. Therefore, a marriage proposal requires planning, strategy, and a deep understanding of the other party's ideas and a process of seeing the right time to attack. The key to the success or failure of a marriage proposal depends on the timing, venue, and time.

1. Timing

It is recommended that the best time to propose is based on a certain degree of consensus and a relatively stable relationship between the two parties. As for the specific date, a special anniversary is of course the first choice. Ladies have always had a special affection for "days", making anniversaries a "double anniversary", which can make the ladies even more moved. For example, how many days and how many months are left and right, and the days that the girlfriend can't guess will be even more pleasantly surprised. If birthdays or festivals are special days, the girlfriend may be mentally prepared. It has already been guessed that the girls will be nervous and expectant. If a man fails to live up to his girlfriend's expectations, the girlfriend will be disappointed instead, so it is better to be able to choose interesting days.

2. Choose a scene

In addition to the right time, the location of the proposal is also one of the important factors. The most suitable place is best if both of them have common memories or profound experiences. The venue depends on the personality of the girlfriend. If the girlfriend is more restrained, it is better to choose a place where there are fewer people or not too public, such as restaurants, housing estates, and quiet parks. If your girlfriend is more active, likes to share with friends, and likes to be lively, you can choose to be in the center of the road, in a large theme park, or find your girlfriend's friends to help.

3. Preparation time

Prepare about a month before the proposal, fully prepare, collect information, and find materials for dating the two. Such as sweet memories, photos, to enrich the whole marriage proposal process, the girlfriend will feel the boyfriend's sincerity and attachment, will be more moved.

Proposal method

1.1 Travel Proposal

Arrange a one-night trip on the 2nd weekend, or a trip out of Hong Kong, to propose to her in exotic or well-known attractions, such as Tokyo Tower, Switzerland, Eiffel Tower, night view, sunset... If you book a hotel in advance and let the hotel arrange the room in a romantic mood, the moment you open the door will give her an unexpected surprise.

1.2 Restaurant proposal

A place where it is easier to store flowers and control timing.

1.3 Theme Park

Theme parks will provide on-site marriage proposal services, such as Disney.

1.4 Yacht proposal

It is very suitable for inviting relatives and friends to help arrange flower balloons, as well as video and video to create a romantic and tender marriage proposal.

1.5 Love Video Proposal

The content of the self-made video recommended by netizens is as follows: Make fragments of photos of acquaintances, contacts and travels. Record the scenery of the place where you first met or socialized, and take your girlfriend back in time to reminisce about your sweet past. Use music as the background, and choose your unique lyrical love song.

1.6 Proposal at the location of the first encounter

Going back to the place where you first met or dated to marry you, preparing a bouquet of roses, a diamond ring in advance, or colluding with a friend to prepare secretly will make your girlfriend very moved.

1.7 Photo puzzle proposal

This requires a long time to prepare. Every time I went out to play, I took a picture of a letter in the group photo, washed it out and pasted it on the home, on the refrigerator... or wherever I saw it, either in Chinese or English. When finished, circle the words, I believe she must be very touched to see these photos along the way.

1.8 Raise a placard/send flowers to propose

Get a friend or passerby to help send flowers or raise a sign to propose marriage.

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