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Thailand Approves CBD For Medical Use

Thailand Approves CBD

The legalization of use and cultivation of marijuana in Thailand has become the most debated topic of the time. Different products such as CBD oil and tablets have gained popularity due to their effectiveness in treating different health problems. The products derived from cannabis are gaining popularity for their medical uses and benefits. WHO (World Health Organization) has published a report on the health benefits associated with the use of CBD.

Thailand is a well-known place for its strict policies against drug trafficking and use of drugs. But now Thailand is one of the few Asian countries that have legalized the use of medical cannabis and marijuana.


How Thailand approved CBD

When more countries embrace the use of cannabis due to its medicinal qualities the Government Pharmaceutical Organization of Thailand tried to pursue the federal government to allow studying the benefits of the drug so it can be used for its medical benefits after approval from the Ministry of Health.

According to a report of Dr Nopporn Cheanklin who is executive managing director of the GPO, about 20 years ago, the best strains of marijuana were imported from Thailand. But now Canada has cultivated that strain and Thailand can’t claim to be the top cultivator of the best marijuana strain anymore and to compete with Canada it has become really necessary to develop a unique strain that will maintain high standards and can be used to challenge the world. So, now Thailand Government is taking steps to maintain their reputation in the cultivation of the best marijuana strains in the world.

A proposal was submitted to Prime Minister Prayuth Chan-ocha to revise the legal framework for the use of medical marijuana in Thailand. And Prime Minister has supported the plan which has made it possible to legalize the medical marijuana expectedly by end of first quarter of 2019. Cabinet of Thailand has approved draft legalization already in the month of May 2018 to allow more research on the medical effects of CBD. The Government Pharmaceutical Organization has started clinical trials with the aim of producing CBD based medicines on four conditions.

The cabinet of National Legislative Assembly of Thailand has also approved a proposal submitted for the approval of cultivation of cannabis in six different provinces in the northern region of the country which is a part of the project. They have to explore the uses of CBD for medicinal purposes.


Why Thailand has approved the use of CBD?

If you are thinking about the reasons of why CBD has been approved in Thailand then keep in mind that other than some surprising benefits of CBD, it is really cost effective. Thailand has the best marijuana to export in the world. Thailand was the top exporter of CBD of the world in 1980 and wants to gain the reward of more than 10 billion dollars from the marijuana market.

In Thailand, once marijuana was classified as a traditional herbal medicine to cure different health issues. But marijuana was re-categorized in a narcotic of class 5 under the act of narcotic drugs, due to which the production, sale, consumption, and possession of CBD was banned. Although drug laws are very tough in Asia in general, Thailand is moving in the opposite direction.


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