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Texting Services For Churches & Non-Profit Organizations

Undoubtedly the fastest way of communication, Text messaging, has proven to be helpful in a lot of cases. It has helped provide success and boost too different businesses and organizations. It's about time that this method should be utilized in non-profit organizations such as Churches, social groups, and religious groups.

There is a lot to be done in attracting the audience to non-profit organizations such as churches. If you have tried everything, such as emails, newsletters, and calls, and nothing seems to work, and churches keep getting emptier, then you should give text messaging services a try. SMS marketing services will surely lift the non-profit organizations to a whole new level, and it will help them connect with people a lot faster.



How do text messaging services work for Non-profits?

The proper way to employ SMS messaging services for churches and other non-profit organizations can be as simple as texting. All you need to do is contact a service provider, and you will get your sign-in information. Using Text messaging services from service providers will help you set up your system very fast and easily.

Following is how you can utilize text marketing services for your non-profit organizations.

  1. Usage of keywords

When mass texting, the priority should be to keep the message as shorter as you can. That doesn’t mean that it should not contain all of the information. You can use keywords that specify a certain thing, and if you need, inform your receivers about those keywords. Just to exemplify, if you want to mention the name of your church, you can choose to the right the initial letters of the church's name or something to that effect.

  1. Set Auto-responder

Auto-responders or otherwise known as Auto-reply, can help you reply to your members automatically. This happens when members enter certain keywords in their Text and send it to the code number specified for your church. For a new member, the Auto-reply will send a welcome message as soon as they subscribe to your list. It can also include any other information that is important about the church and its working.


  1. Send texts to your members regularly

After the successful implication of Text messaging services for your church, it is very important to keep your members informed about upcoming events, readings, and fundraisers. This will help your church to grow as many of the members will show up for the event, and your church will have maximum attendance. You can also use SMS messaging services to send your members different verses of the bible every day. If a member could not attend, you can inform them about the activities for that day, so they don't feel left out.



Why choose Text messaging services?

SMS messaging services are a lot superior to any other form of communication. The benefits of choose text messaging services are as follows.

  • Maximum delivery of texts and information
  • Fast and enhanced read rate
  • An easy and productive method
  • Cost-effectiveness

Because of the benefits that SMS marketing services provide, this method of communication should be used by every church and non-profit organizations. Contact a service provider today and get in contact with your members today.


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