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Tech Prodigy Michael Mizrachi Takes a Serious Stance on Black Market & Illegal Cannabis Trade Business


Years of developing a platform powerful and intelligent enough to tackle the illegal Cannabis delivery traders on a global scale


Michael Mizrachi has a heart-filling mission and an immediate passionate objective to move the cannabis industry legislation, compliance, consumption regulations and protectional measures to a solid safe haven for all with his platform

Mizrachi explains that cannabis laws, and compliance are still unknown or impossible to understand. Due to the several different and unclear legislative regulations from state, local and even federal law, this will continue to prevent cannabis industry traders, merchants, and operators to determine the difference between the legal and illegal cannabis trade. State and local regulators need a more comprehensive system to keep up with the explosive cannabis industrial demand and rapid movement. In all spectrums of the cannabis industry, the government needs to understand that in order to solidify their agenda or current and future enforcements for the legal or illegal cannabis industry, a more automated system must be implemented. Weedmayhem has created that system and a bulletproof road map, years ahead of its time, to assist. Technology that has been created on the fundamentals of security, compliance, legislation, and safety; even how tax collection is calculated per local or municipal jurisdiction.

The track and trace system has ambitious goals, but lacking efficient and effective performance. Tracking seed to sale has several moving parts as well as hidden elements within its sphere of protocol and comprehension to enable regulators a utility that actually performs accurately. In other words, being able to really track everything from cultivation, manufacturing and inventory, to tax and sales, mitigating as much leakage as possible.

Providing a more mainstream and easier system for the cannabis black market will entice sellers to come out from the underground business. Allowing regulation its job to conquer the black market trading: this is the ultimate goal. This goal needs to be implemented immediately to prevent mayhem for the future of our nation. Once providing a user friendly and more enticing system, it will then create the “win win” scenario for traders and regulators. We need to make a more educational approach, coherent process, and user-friendly wireframe for the Cannabis marketplace, opposed to just fierce regulations that nobody understands. If we are able to provide an easier system that is more centralized without being thrown around from one place to another, this will be by far more effective and one more step closer in bringing legal cannabis operations and usage to a sustainable grip globally.

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