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STARFLIP the new ALPHA in the modern dating world

There is absolutely no surprise in the fact that today men and women are taking the digital way to find that special someone. Of course, technology has made things very easy and fast, for that matter. Now we can call a taxi in five minutes or order some groceries online from the comfort of our couch. So why can't we find that special someone from our home, office, or vacation? The Gen Z and millennials don't have it easy; our busy lives can be daunting enough to refrain us from meeting someone new. It is hard getting that extra hour to go downstairs your office building to grab that hot Mocha you enjoy and start a conversation with a gentleman because you liked his smile.


The conventional method of dating has become very obsolete, where people meet at a church or a friend's house. Instead, most people now prefer the online dating concept because it's easier and fits well with their busy schedules. Moreover, if you are a shy person, you can do pretty well behind a screen to put your best foot forward instead of acting awkward in person.


Online you can pretty much control all the dynamics from who you are speaking with and what expectations you want to set up before you start the conversation.

The Dilemma

Finding the right partner is never a walk in the park, and perhaps it is the hardest thing in the world you can imagine. There are too many people in the dating pool looking for "the one" for days, months, and sometimes even years but are unable to find their true soul mates. Most people complain that there are just too many people to talk to with little or no chemistry. This is mind-boggling.


There are almost 7 billion people in the world, and there has to be someone cut out just right for you. If you are looking online for your partner, trust that you are not alone in this. There are many more in the same boat as you who are struggling to find their true soul mates.


Research Speaks the Truth About Dating Apps

Some studies state that there are about 48 percent of people who say that they have used an online dating app to search for their soul mates. In the same group, about 20 percent of the people stated that they have married from the app.


However, the downside of this is a study conducted in the past year also revealed that many of the online daters, about 48 percent, have expressed that they felt more frustrated after using the dating apps because of the kind of matches they got. Most of them expressed they were not happy with the candidates that appeared to them because they did not share the same values, interests, hobbies, and goals as them.


Something to Ponder Over

If you think about it, talking to so many people in the hopes that they will be your right match can be a daunting and time-consuming task. It can emotionally wreck a person and cause severe traumas.


Although there are numerous dating apps you can think of, and some of them are very popular in the global market; however, each one of them lacks a certain aspect of your requirement. That is when STARFLIP came into being. STARFLIP is an online dating app with a uniqueness to it; it is as personalized as it can be and will ensure that you are never left frustrated with your choices online because the world has evolved, and so has technology. With a revolutionary tech innovation, you can now start talking to suitors who are just what you want.


My story

I am a dedicated tech developer and love playing with and developing new technology for the world to bring ease, convenience, and opportunities for my users. My goal with STARFLIP is that people meet their potential suitors without having to go through the hassle of swiping to endless and unlikely matches. Be in control and search for what you really want.


It was one sunny afternoon when I was having a cup of coffee with my lady friend at the café when she expressed her disappointment with online dating. She asked me if I knew any legit apps other than the most popular ones. However, I being somewhat uninterested in dating apps, had no clue what to suggest to her, hence I kept silent and sympathized with her. She was a busy lady working her neck off. Like most millennials, and she did not have enough time to meet people conventionally. Besides, I don't even know if people still do that because apps have made it super easy for people to meet.


She told me that she is already using some dating apps and have swiped over thousands of people in the past few years. She added that she also went out on a few dates. However, all was in vain because some of the men were not on the same page as her in terms of a relationship, or they ghosted her or just weren't what she was looking for. My friend was exhausted by this point, and I believed she did something wrong with these apps because how can technology fail in this day and age where people just aren't matched from choosing who they really want?


I asked her why she doesn't just search for the criteria she wants in a man on those dating apps so that she does not end up wasting her time and getting hurt emotionally.


That is when she revealed the big shock to me about how you cannot search for what you want on any dating app. You will have to just swipe mindlessly on hundreds of people and just hope you really end up liking someone. She further the best you can get is probably the app just recommends someone who matches a tiny bit of your interests.


Isn’t that just crazy? You don’t even get an interview call unless your CV matches the job criteria! When I search for something on google or any other good search engine, it gives me an exact result of what im looking for within the top 10 links. Somehow nobody even thought about building a dating app that matches a user’s broad criteria. I mean there should have been a Google for dating that enables you to search whatever you want and also give you exactly what you want! without wasteing any of your time.


The failure of today's modern dating application

I downloaded this application to see whether my friend was right, and to my utter shock, I saw a range of options that were loosely presented to me. I did not know who they were and what kind of interests they had, it was like a foolish attempt to throw everything and everyone at me until I ended up liking someone. How can an application suggest people without knowing my interests or personality? This is the biggest failure of the modern dating applications because they will present to you any Tom, Dick, and Harry who signs up to these applications. You will be unable to choose any characteristic you want in a person because these apps don't give you the option to select any. And even the ones that provide you with options of interests, traits or some questions just leaves the rest to an algorithm find your best match. That is a major red flag, to begin with. How can they not understand that people need to be in control to find what they really want.


How STARFLIP came into being

Knowing how people are becoming frustrated around the world using these applications, the biggest gap was revealed in the dating industry. No application today matches you with the broad set standards or criteria you want. So if you love dogs and also love the beach, you shouldn't have to match with someone who dislikes dogs and does'nt like the beach, right?


STARFLIP was designed to eliminate all these issues where people were matched with unlikely suitors. This saves a lot of time and emotional trauma as well. After two years of rigorous research and tech development, STARFLIP came to being with a bang offering some unique specs into your dating life. Today the dynamics of your dating life have changed because of how much control the app gives to people in their search for a potential suitor.


Say no to swiping mindlessly! Dating should be simple and straight to the point.



STARFLIP launched in the year 2022. The social application enables people to have romantic communication between them to find their potential suitor. You will be provided with robust search functions that put you in control. You can literally search for anything you want or desire in a person. The experience will be like meeting a stranger and at the same time feeling you've known them all your life. You will be provided with a list of people that match your search; you can swipe yes to a card if you are interested in the person displayed to you, or else you can move onto the next best option for you by clicking no on the displayed card.


And If you are the type who just like to encounter random people not necessarily matching your traits or interests, you are not left out. You can also use the application to explore and find new people in your area and chat with them to make friends if that is what they also want. STARFLIP welcomes everyone. The app is currently launched only on IOS: and will be on Android soon.


How is STARFLIP different from other applications?

Where most applications have millions of users online either for dating, hookups, or even meeting new people, there are no broad criteria for the app to show users their potential partners. It is a mindless job to keep swiping unless you think the next one looks good.


So, the only parameters on which these dating apps allow you to like someone is physical attributes and some scanty interests. Perhaps someone can be an attractive individual but are compulsive liars or are just not looking for what you want in a relationship. What do you do then? You just end up wasting time.


This is how STARFLIP changes the dating game for its user. The application is designed in a way that is operated around the theory of trait psychology. Everyone is unique and you should be able to search for the uniqueness you desire in a partner or a friend.


Before you get started with the app, the first thing that you are required to do is to add in some critical information about yourself. Are you an observant human being or a very reserved one? STARFLIP will ask you these questions through a myriad of trait options.


Are you attentive and down to earth? The app will ask you some secondary traits that define your hobbies, interests, and your mindset. If you can't find any of your options on the application, you can always add them on your own with the add  option provided.


An example of STARFLIP dating scenario

  • If you are someone who is a super shy guy and have trouble talking to women in person, then you can set up your own STARFLIP profile and add in your trait as "shy" and "reserved." This will allow you to match with women who are like you and will understand that you are a shy guy. Even before meeting you in real life, they know what to expect.
  • If you are a vegan and want your partner to be too, then the application will show you users who are also vegan.


You will get what you are looking for

Most of the time, people sign up on the app for different reasons; it could be for hookups to find a real relationship or get married. With STARFLIP, the element of guess is eliminated. At the same time, there will be some factors that you will need to learn about an individual yourself. Still, you will know from the very beginning what your potential partner is looking for as the app only matches you with people who share the same traits as you.


We keep your security in mind.

STARFLIP makes sure that your individual privacy is protected. Furthermore, we know that there are many fake profiles on the leading dating applications, and it is very easy to lie. However, with STAFLIP's app, numerous measures ensure that only real people are making their profiles on the platform. This will significantly reduce the chances of you getting scammed by anyone who pretends to be someone else; however, we always encourage our users to be careful and do their due diligence themselves as nothing on the internet is 100 percent safe.


The application verifies the user's picture to be a real one, as proper moderation systems are in place to verify the authenticity of an image.


Why should you use the STARFLIP?

The dating app is specifically designed for users who found no success on other dating apps. It is one of the best ways you can eliminate any risk of matching with people who do not share the same interests as you. This will save your time and emotional energy.


Furthermore, STARFLIPS privacy security is very rigorous. If you plan to become a user, you have to check lots of security requirements before making a profile.


Furthermore, you will only be shown people near you unless you upgrade your account to the STARFLIP PLUS, the travel mode. You can find anyone on a global scale if you are using the platform to meet with people on your way to other countries.


You can also instant chat with people you are very interested in and get immediate responses. Hence, the probability of finding your true soul mate on STARFLIP is higher than any other application due to the formula working behind it to give you what you want.


How can you INSTANTLY become more attractive on STARFLIP?

There was a saying that mystery is attractive. Is it, though? Most of the millennials and Gen Z want total honesty, and who even has time to beat around the bush and play the guess games. The whole point of online dating is to find the right people for courtship during your busy schedule. But this defeats the purpose if people don't want to reveal themselves as much as possible online.


While lots of people are skeptical about putting too much information out there for privacy purposes but there are still pieces of you that you can share to make your profile more interesting for potential suitors.


Remember that your photos are perhaps the first thing someone will notice on your profile, and the worst thing you can do is post pictures online that are not of yourself. Yes! You read that right, this totally happens, and unfortunately, lots of people fall prey to this.



For starters, you will eventually get caught on STARFLIP for posting a fake picture; hence it is not even wise to even try something like that on the platform.


The best photo of yourself will be the one that is very clear and is not full of filters because that can show an unrealistic image of yourself. Hence ensure that you use your phone's camera without any of the filters and smile as bright as you can. People tend to click yes to more smiley faces.


Each of your first three STARFLIP photos must be your best look. It could be with your friends out on the beach or snuggling in your sweater during a chilly night. It is good to show all your sides to your potential partner to get more "yes" on the profiles. A great profile is when you show images of yourself in a variety of situations, and each one of your images must be in a long vertical rectangle.



Biography is a very important part of the whole dating process as after your photos; the suitor will read who you really are. Having no description could not get you anywhere because if you get a match just for your looks, then it could mean someone is looking for a hookup (which is not a bad thing if that is what you want); however, if you want to develop a more meaningful relationship, then you must tell the reader about yourself a bit.


Although you may want to write too little or too much, the best advice is to keep it very simple. You don't have to mention every detail of your life in your biography. But try to mention the important points about your self or your personality. We ask this because anything you put in your Bio can be searched on Starflip's quick search. For instance: If you indicate "I am adventrous and romantic" in your profile, and someone in your region search for the term "adventrous and romantic", you will most definately be a top search result in their BIO search section.


Remember that you are getting matched as per your traits; hence the likely hood of the match becoming your potential suitor is high. However, if you want to maximize your chances for accuracy, writing a biography that defines you in simple words is the way to go about it.


An example of this can be

"I live a nomadic life because I love to discover the wonders of the world, I am adventrous and romantic and also have a pet cat who travels with me too. Loving life as it comes and working remotely in finance. Looking forward to finding the one."


Here your reader knows what you are passionate about "travel," they also know you are an empathetic and loving person because you have a cat with you. Furthermore, they know what you do for a living and that you have certain goals in life. The biography also mentions very briefly that you are ready to take the leap of faith and fall in love.


Note that this is just an example and users of STARFLIP are free to come up with any kind of biography and be creative.


It is better that you avoid any negative, sarcastic, political, or religious views online as we do not tolerate discrimination and a low tolerance for any kind. You can also reduce your chances of getting matched with a potential suitor.


Tricks to start a chat on STARFLIP

Lots of people struggle to start an online chat with a suitor once they are matched, and asking too many questions right away can be a red flag. Always take a deep breath before you get into the whole vibe and allow the other person's room to feel comfortable.


Questions like "hey, what's up?" are quite boring and don't trigger a conversation. It would help if you asked questions that stimulate good energy flow. The best way to go about it is that you ask them something specific to their profile. If they have mentioned something related to their work, it is best to ask a question related to that.


An example of the questions can be

"How do you find working in the XYZ company?'

"I am a foodie like you; what is your go-to comfort food?"

"How many years did it take you to complete your degree?"

The above questions are not generic and are directly linked to the person you are talking to. This improves the chances of success because the person feels valued and knows you took out the time to read their profile. Hence it is essential to be smart when starting the conversation.


Once the conversation is rolling, you can ask them if they are interested in grabbing coffee, lunch, or dinner someday, depending on your schedules.



This is one of the most crucial things to consider when you are setting up your STARFLIP profile. Being as accurate as you can be as honesty will get you the most accurate matches, and you will waste less time looking for options.


If you are a vegan and believe that your partner should be vegan too, then the app will automatically ensure that it shows you results that are vegan too. STARFLIP puts a lot of emphasis on traits, and this is the biggest element that decides which are the most compatible people to you; hence never shy away from providing your traits. there are no right or wrong traits on STARFLIP.


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