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Simply Unbelievable 3 Necklaces

There is no such thing as over-accessorizing. With a few accessories and jewelry pieces, you can easily transform your look into something more sophisticated. There are many ways to incorporate investment pieces into your wardrobe. You can always experiment with different looks by adding other jewelry pieces to your collection. If you love wearing necklaces, and you want to make your look and style to the next level, there is such thing as layering.


Layering is one of the most common styling techniques to maximize accessorizing different pieces. This means you can wear different necklaces in varying lengths at the same time to layer jewelry and compliment your neck. If you are having a difficult time searching through your jewelry collection and finding the best pieces to layer, then here is Deo duPont’s Simply Unbelievable, a layered 14k gold filled necklaces, to save you from stress and make you simply elegant!


Simply Unbelievable Review

One important factor that you need to know is that this set comes in three different separate pieces. So, it’s like purchasing three different necklaces for one price. Also, it’s like saving money yet you can maximize the use of it with this simply beautiful set of chains from Deo duPont.


Moreover, Deo duPont offers this set of layered gold filled necklaces. For you to clearly grasp how beautiful and worthy this Simply Unbelievable layered necklace is, let’s break down its details and design.



This set comes with three different separate necklaces. The first layer is the 15 inches necklace with 2 inches extension. Second is the 19 inches dangle cluster, featuring gold beads and 2 inch extension. And the third layer is the Sand Dollar-shaped 4-way Cross on the adjustable Reader Chain.


First Layer - 15 Inches Necklace With Gold Beads

The first necklace comes with gold beads that give life and style to it. In fact, these beads make up the front and design of this jewelry piece. If you want this necklace longer, you can adjust the length up to 2 inches. So, you can achieve your desired style as it's adjustable!


Second Layer - 19 Inches Dangle Cluster Necklace with Gold Beads

Since these are layered 14k Gold filled necklaces, the second piece is longer than the first piece. This second layer features a dangling trinket of gold beads, which adds more style and structure to its look. Just like the first piece, it comes with 2 inches extension so you can set it as the longest necklace in the layer and highlight its dangling trinket at the end.


Third Layer - Adjustable Reader Chain With Sand Dollar-shaped 4-way Cross

The last layer on this set is the adjustable Reader Chain featuring a 14k Gold Filled Sand Dollar-shaped 4-Way Cross. The medal features This medal features The Sacred Heart with Jesus at the top, Miraculous Medal front at the bottom, Saint Joseph to the left, Saint Christopher at the right, and Mary's heart is in the middle. This chain features an intricate and meticulous design, beautifully presenting sacred religious figures. Also, the beautiful Reader Chain comes in various lengths – 14 inches, 16 inches, 18 inches, and 20 inches.


Main Points Of Deo duPont Simply Unbelievable Layered Necklace

Aside from its stylish look and beautiful design, Deo duPont’s 14k gold filled layered necklaces come has main points that will attract you to own these pieces.


Three Separate Necklace Pieces. These 14K Gold Filled Necklaces come in many different configurations, each of which has its own unique charm and design. They can be worn individually or layered. If you want to wear them individually or want them all together, you can choose to do so!


Adjustable Chain Length. What’s more interesting about these 14k gold filled necklaces is that they are adjustable! With a considerable 2 inches extension, except for the third necklace, you can choose which one should be longer and which one is shorter. As for the Reader Chain (the third necklace), you go for different lengths depending on where you want to place the necklace.


Elegant Gold Beads. These 14k gold filled necklaces features gold beads, giving it a more sleek look and sophisticated style. Don’t you worry as the beads will not tarnish so you can keep and use the necklace as much as you want. Also, you can wear the necklaces underwater without worrying it might lose their shine and beauty.


Given the details and design, as well as the main points of these layered 14k gold filled necklaces, you will all agree that these pieces of jewelry are really worth your money. From its gold filled chain and beads, intricate design, sacred feature, and adjustable and tarnish-free chains, owning these layered necklaces can really be worth it. You can save time looking for the best necklace combination in your collection and get these three separate pieces, which you can wear per piece or layered.


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