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Set Up a Salon with Barber Supplies Salon Furniture in Calgary

So, have you decided the right time for you? You have built a database of regular customers, and you may think of some new team members, so how do you set up a new salon with Barber Supplies under a budget?


Determine who your target market is. We are between 16-35 years old, so I chose a modern minimalist style with black, white and chrome color schemes and large floor tiles that are durable and easy to clean. Students create a modern clean logo and some simple and easy-to-understand price lists. If you don’t have your own artwork, you can get a few photos from an online site for a small fee.


Sometimes the city center is not the best place. We found a free parking space and hundreds of houses nearby. The average rent in the city center is 15,000 per year and the rent is 8750 per year. There is also a higher floor, which IS sublet to a beautician for 5000 per year, which makes our rent only 3750 per year! This also increased the volume of business and brought us many new customers.

The price of the Salon Furniture Calgary I needed for the new salon exceeded my budget, so this prompted me to look for cheaper options on the Internet. I joined a global online sourcing company and found a wholesaler in China who can supply me directly and import all the furniture for £1200! This saved me about 10,000 pounds. If you decide to follow this route, please ask the supplier for reference materials, you can call the reference materials to confirm its legality. Once your imported goods arrive here, you will have to pay customs duties and value-added tax, but the savings are still considerable.


My budget means I have to do everything myself and personally manage all the work of the salon, because I can't nail down the nails, I agree with the price of each small thing and use merchants recommended by customers and friends. If you go through this process yourself, you can reduce costs when you encounter obstacles! I also found that the staff knows you, so it is unlikely to fool you. It helps to develop a floor plan so that everyone knows exactly where they are going. This is what you should do yourself, if I can do anyone, it is not difficult!


I asked my team to deliver my newly designed price list to all houses in the town. When you finish printing, the price difference between 1,000 and 5,000 is not big, so you have to print a lot and distribute it at any opportunity Going out, it gave us good results and it was cheap. When any customer makes a payment, give them a "refer a friend" voucher to provide them and their friends with a 25% discount. Our customer database has grown from 380 customers to 2,370 in 18 months!


The well-known system may cost a little money and is beyond the capacity of many small salons, so I went online again and found that an American company wanted to enter the Canada market, and they agreed to sell me the software for 300. This is another big savings and all I have to do is provide them with a certificate. Having such a system means recording the details of all new customers and simplifying bookings and accounts. You may find the idea of ​​using a computer instead of the old-fashioned pen and paper a bit daunting, but after a while, you will wonder how to live without it! For more details checkout also here :-


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