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Seasonal Allergies: Nip Them in The Bud with Organic Cotton Bed Sheets

If you have a dust allergy, sensitive skin, or are prone to developing allergies and rashes, you may want to take a look at the kind of bedding you are sleeping on.


  • Do you have red rashes all over your back?
  • Does your bed feel really uncomfortable?
  • Are you having trouble sleeping comfortably at night?


Your bedsheets may be the culprit! Apparently one million dust mites could feast on your skin as soon as you jump on your bed. It is a no-brainer that you have to wash your sheets frequently in summers to avoid dust mites and bad smell. However, there are some types of bedsheets that attract more germs and dust mites. Ordinary bedsheets made with a thin weave, or bad quality cotton would be an ideal bedding ground for germs.


What to avoid?

Avoid a polyester bedsheet at all costs. The friction between your body and the bedsheet would release a lot of heat. It could cause rashes and itches. Also, the heat would be trapped in the room. You would feel entrapped in such a suffocating atmosphere.


 A king size bedsheet can change the dimensions of your room in unimaginable ways. More so, if they are printed, textured, or colored. A satin or velvet bedsheet looks super glamorous. But, they are not ideal for tropical places, nor for people with sensitive skin. If you want a splash of color in your bedroom, you could go for a textured wall, or buy colored fitted bedsheets. You can club it with the Neembus Pillow or the Organic Kapok Pillow. Amouve has a wide range of colored organic bed sheets, that would brighten any room or office space.

It is time to change your bedsheets when:

You know it is time to change bedsheets, or go for something more organic when,

  • You have sneezing episodes, a blocked nasal passage,  or coughing in regular intervals at night.
  • You suddenly developed skin rashes, especially on your back, hands, or neck, as these parts are the most exposed to bedsheets when you sleep.
  • Your sheets smell funky.


Why your bed sheet is giving you rashes?

You may be wondering as to why your bedsheets are causing your trouble. It is possible that you have chosen a bedsheet with a thin weave. Dust mites thrive in poor quality bed sheets. If you have a tendency to sweat, you have to wash your bedsheets frequently. Again, your bedsheet quality would deteriorate, if you dunk it in detergents too often.


So, What should you do?

Go organic. The phrase may sound repetitive by now. However, there is no alternative to quality, organic, cotton bedsheets. They are made from natural fibres and micro-weaved into quilts or bedsheets. The tight weave structure prevents dust mites, or germs to exist in your bedsheet, or multiply. Bamboo, hemp, and organic cotton bedsheets are some of the microfibers you could choose for your bedroom.


The Best Hypoallergenic Bedsheets

Organic cotton bedsheets and organic Kapok pillows are your best line of defense against allergies. An organic cotton double bedsheet is processed naturally, without any synthetic dyes, making it completely safe for your skin. Organic cotton bedsheets are free from toxic chemicals. Hence, they do not release toxic fumes, or heat in the air. It is breathable and airy. Kapok and Hemp are natural fibres, which makes them excellent choices in preventing asthma and skin rashes. Bamboo bedsheets are also anti-microbial. It could be kept as a later choice, as its production causes more strain on the environment than kapok or hemp.


Amouve goes one step further. Their organic bed sheets are made from long-staple cotton that are more long-lasting and softer to touch. You would find other organic bedding like king size bedsheets, organic kapok pillows, organic bath towels, printed cotton bedsheets listed on their website.


If you are nervous about buying bedsheets for your newborn, please go for an organic cotton double bed sheet. Fitted bedsheets would also be ideal for your baby’s crib. Not only are organic cotton bedsheets hypoallergenic, they are also better for the planet. It is sustainable and long-lasting. Also, if you buy bedsheets online, you would be saving lifes, for new variants of Covid-19 are still doing the rounds. 


Are organic cotton bedsheets worth the investment?

Organic cotton bed sheets are the best choice for your bedroom, regardless of whether you have a skin disorder, or not. They are sustainable and better for the planet. Most organic cotton manufacturers source and process cotton in rural areas, giving employment to several cottage industry workers. They are safer for you, as they are completely free from toxic chemicals. If you are still not convinced, try using an organic bath towel for a few days. Trust us! There is no turning back once you have used the softest cotton bedding.


Signing off

If you have switched to organic bedding and still find trouble sleeping for long hours, take a shower before bed, or invest in scented candles to lull your senses. You should also wash your linens frequently. Your bedsheets may not always be the root of the problem. But, it is always beneficial to evaluate your sleeping habits before taking extensive medication on some allergy that could be fixed by shifting to an organic cotton double bedsheet.


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