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Scam Alert: Nsor Ojiji NOGA WILLS, Elohay-Wills Ltd, Eco-Tropics are scam artists

Tabernanthe iboga is the wonderful herb that will help you concentrate and you can enjoy all the other benefits that come with the products. Just like you in was attracted towards the mental benefits of Tabernanthe iboga and so I planned to buy it not knowing that I should get ready for the Tabernanthe iboga scam. The scammer NsorOjiji make me lose a decent amount of money. I know that you will not believe me but here are some of the reasons that why you should beware of scam by his companies Noga Wills Elohay-Wills etc….


Empty delivery boxes

After being scammed and conducting a complete research on this individual I have come up with the following reasons you should not buy the products from him.

  1. In the first delivery, he will send some fake items that will show action for a limited time and then nothing will happen.
  2. If you plan to order the second delivery he will send you empty boxes just like he did with me
  3. The worst part is that NsorOjiji from Nigeria  scam he will ask you to pay for the products before the order delivery has been confirmed that is a red flag.


Fake products might cause severe reactions

Having the fake boxes might not be dangerous but you should consider the fake product that you will consume. On the name of the natural herb, scam is delivering fake products. There are chances that these fake items have been manufactured with the lowest quality chemicals and some dangerous elements. It might cause some serious reactions in your body and you might have to suffer from some serious diseases, so it is better that you avoid Noga willsripoff if you want to protect yourself and you are planning to stay healthy. 


Do not waste your money on Noga Wills Ripoff

There are many other amazing stores available online and Elohay Willsscam is not the last store on the internet that will provide you the herbs and herbal products. There is no need to believe his claims and false promises because I have done the same mistake and I lost a decent amount of money. You should know how to conduct a complete research online so that you can protect yourself from scammers like NsorOjiji. In case you are planning to try his products I will not stop you but remember that I have warned you that investing in his products is the biggest mistake that you can make. Using this platform I want to raise awareness about the Nigerian iboga Voacanga scam so that you will not have to deal with the issues again.


Bottom line

Hisripoff is rapidly growing and he is fooling many individuals with his fake products and empty boxes. Make sure that you share this information with your friends so that they can protect their money as well. If you have to buy online assure that you select an authentic website.


Reasons not to trust the Noga wills scammer

You might have been planning to buy the Tabernanthe iboga because of the amazing properties that it comes with. You might have been planning to buy the product online because it is convenient and affordable. However, do not make the mistake of buying the product from him  because he is a scammer. You might not believe me but here I am going to reveal the Ecotropicsripoff that you should avoid at all costs if you are planning to save your money.


Fake products

NsorOjiji will send you fake cheap bullshit products from nigeria


It thought that it is a natural item and everything has happened because of the temperature or some other issues and that is why I ordered my next installment. It was surprising that I dealt with the same issues again, however, this time the duration for the action of the product was even shorter.


Scam delivery

I thought that there might be some issues with my environment and that is why I ordered again and this time I asked for some instructions so that I can maintain the product properly.

  • Ojiji rip off gave me the instruction about the maintenance of the product and I was glad that I can use it properly now
  • The biggest surprise came when the box that I received in the mailbox was empty. There was not even a single item in the box
  • You will be surprised to know that when I tried to contact him that there has been some mistake with my order and he has to consider it but there was no reply. This was the point when I understood that I have been ripped off.


You will lose a decent amount of money

The worst part was that I had already paid him for the services. it was the rue of his store that you have to pay the cash to book the order and that is the only way it would be delivered. I had already paid enough for the fake delivers and for the last box I got nothing. It was surprising and shocking for me because the herb is used as a treatment by many individuals and some of them cannot even afford to buy such items.


Bottom line

Nsor  should be banned from the internet. If you are planning to buy some botanical items and you come across his listings make sure that you stay away from this individuals because he is a complete scammer. He will rob you of your money and will send nothing.

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