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Salon Ink Unit Provide by Beauty Store - Different Shampoo Bowl Design

I am opening a new beauty salon. I really like all the new types of beauty salon shampoo stations, but I can’t find design style information anywhere. I have a lot of questions. Which shampoo system is the best Suitable for purchase? Should I stick to the traditional Salon Sink Unit design or use the old fashion shampoo cup? I am accustomed to the old fashioned fashion beauty salon universal styling chair with a sink. What are the pros and cons of buying each style? Is it other comfortable? Do certain models provide better water management? Can someone guide me in the right direction? "


First of all, I want to say that I like these new style freestanding shampoo backwashing devices supply by Beauty Store. The quality and style of the fiberglass base combined with the tillable porcelain bowl creates a wonderful design. That said, let us keep talking about this old question: what shampoo bowl should I buy?


What I tell others is that if this is your fashion statement, it will make your salon stand out among all other products! But pay attention to the pros and cons of design. Let's talk about the basics of shampoo equipment, such as water management (water/gravity) and customer comfort. I like to divide it into three shampoo sink design styles, each with its own advantages and disadvantages.


The Asian-style horizontal shampoo device puts 100% of the head and 100% water into the bowl, and gravity provides you with 100% work. But from experience, they always seem to be difficult to put down and make customers feel uncomfortable. The shampoo unit may have the best water management system, but the seller is not a big market because of the great lack of customer comfort.


So, let's talk about old American beauty salons with wall-mounted shampoo Salon Sink Unit. Think about it carefully, the client is at a 45-degree angle, the gravity of his head hangs in the sink, and the designer washes from the side. This means it can be said that 45% of the water is managed with you with the help of gravity. Unfortunately, the client's head is hanging in the bowl or you are holding it. In addition, you are forced to stand at the front of the shampoo, usually against the wall. This will bring back pressure to the designer and head pressure to the client, but your water management is not bad, because the sink is large and gravity does work for you.


Now, we have entered a new type of European-style tilted shampoo cup, which has more sit-up styles in a shampoo unit. These Euro designs are very comfortable! It's basically like sitting on a chair, which makes your customers more relaxed and manageable when shampooing. The typical free-standing backwash shampoo unit has many ergonomic advantages for stylists. First, you can wash your hair standing at the back or on both sides of the bowl. This keeps the back straight, and the utilization of both hands can be equal. The bowl will (most units) tilt into the head and shoulders to compensate for the different heights.


Some of these bowls tend to be smaller in diameter, so you are closer to the client, which is important for some smaller stylists. Most bowls usually have a deep neck depression with longer side neck extensions to collect water. This will help you use a longer neck extension for water management, because gravity is not conducive to using this style unit with Beauty Store. You will need enough water pressure, but not too much, and manage the water around the client in conjunction with good work habits. Although gravity is a bit like this shampoo, the advantages of European-style shampoo far exceed the nuances of traditional shampoos.


All in all, if you don't have enough space and your budget is limited, the US market will generally tend to standard wall-mounted shampoo bowls (for example 2). However, the new European style shampoo bowl has a variety of ergonomic comfort, and provides a very economical choice. Coupled with the fashion statement you can design in the salon, it is absolutely endless. It is very exciting for our company at Kingdom Beauty Supply :- : to be able to provide these European style shampoo systems with porcelain bowls at these economic prices, and install all the sanitary equipment and stylish glass fiber anti-rust bases.

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