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Ronald D. Weiss – COVID-19 Coronavirus Negotiation at Ny-Bankruptcy

Behind On Your Debt, Negotiate a Settlement

Has your credit score been less than stellar most of your adult life?  Have you recently fallen behind on your bills and are worried it will damage your credit score?  Do you have debts that you want to settle with lump sum payments?  Once the Covid-19 Negotiation pandemic began, creditors started to offer settlements to pay off debts that are more aggressive and flexible than ever before.  This could be a huge benefit to you and might be what you need to negotiate and take advantage of right now.


There has to be Benefit for the Creditor

When you’re looking for a way out of some of your debts and you want to pay a lump sum, there has to be a benefit for the creditor.  The team at Ronald D. Weiss, P. C. can offer the negotiation process you need to understand what your creditors are looking for.  The CARES Act allows debtors to withdraw funds from most retirement plans without penalty, which might be a great way for you to offer payments to your creditors and come out of this pandemic with a clean and clear credit report.

Make an Agreement and Stick With It

Have you fallen behind in your payments due to the COVID-19 Coronavirus Negotiation pandemic?  Enter into a negotiation with your creditor to pay your bills and catch up with them.  This is a great way to build your credit back up.  Creditors are being told to report your payments, even if they are from late debts, as current payments, which can positively impact your credit score.  If you’re unsure how to negotiate this, let the team at Ronald D. Weiss, P. C. offer you the negotiation support you’re looking for.  They can create the payment plan that will work for you and your creditor.


Are You Faced with Student Loan Debt?

Many of the federal student loans have been deferred and payments aren’t being collected right now, but you have to enter into COVID-19 negotiations to enjoy this benefit.  If you’re having a hard time paying on your student loans and want to have these payments deferred, for the time being, the team at Ronald D. Weiss, P. C. Attorney at Law can help you have the deferred payments you’re looking for.  Give this team a call today and let them get to work for you.


Improve Your Financial Situation During the Pandemic

You can improve your credit score, pay off some creditors, defer student loan payments, and come out of the COVID-19 pandemic in a better financial position than you were in before it began.  You will likely need the negotiation support of the team at Ronald D. Weiss, P. C. Attorney at Law to make sure you understand what you need to pay every month.  Take advantage of the aggressive and creative solutions being offered by creditors right now.  Don’t allow this pandemic to disrupt your life and put you behind, find the assistance you need today.


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