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Ronald D. Weiss – Coronavirus Bankruptcy

Bankruptcy During the Coronavirus Pandemic: Things to Know

Have you considered filing for bankruptcy?  Did you lose your business or personal income when the coronavirus pandemic began and you’re still out of work?  If you’re thinking about filing for bankruptcy, you need to contact the team at the law office of Ronald D. Weiss, P. C. to understand the process and your options.  Let’s take a look at a few of the questions you might have regarding what’s going on with the courts right now and what you might want to expect going forward.


Can I Still File if My Court is Closed?

If the courthouse is closed to the public, you can still file your paperwork for whichever type of bankruptcy you want to file.  The courts are still operating and allowing you to process your paperwork.  This means your filing can go forward and be processed on the dates you need it to so that you can halt the collections and begin to find relief that can come from filing for bankruptcy.  Don’t let the coronavirus pandemic slow you down  or stop you from finding a way out of a situation that isn’t your fault.


Will I Need to Go to Court in Person?

It’s possible, most of what needs to be done to complete your Coronavirus Bankruptcy process will be completed online or over the phone.  You can have hearings over the phone with a group call between the court, your legal team at Ronald D. Weiss, P. C., and you.  Everything will still be processed, recorded, and handled professionally, but you might not have to attend court in person to have your bankruptcy take place.  Even though we’re in a time of social distancing, you still need to move forward and your court system and lawyers can help you.


Do I Need to Contact My Creditors?

Even though the filings may take longer than normal, your hearings may be delayed, and dates may get pushed back, you don’t need to contact your creditors when you’ve filed for bankruptcy.  Currently, most courts have confirmed that appropriate notice will be provided in accordance with bankruptcy law and rules.  Your legal team will monitor the updates from the courts and inform you that creditors have been notified as needed to make certain you can breathe easy and know the process is moving forward for you.


The Coronavirus Isn’t Stopping You

While the coronavirus might have taken away your business or income, it can’t stop you from the relief you need.  If you’re ready to file bankruptcy during this uncertain time, the team at Ronald D. Weiss P. C. Attorney at Law will help you file the paperwork needed and begin to monitor the court responses right away.  Give this team a call today and let them get to work to offer you the support you’re looking for.  It’s time for you to get out from under the mounds of creditor debt that you’ve amassed and this team can make it happen for you.


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