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Roch - Simplicity is Key to Originality

Make sure to include that my full name is Roch Roger Buchon, but that I solely go by Roch. Talk about my new music, the way in which it is a fresh and unique sound to the ear.


Talk about how new artists can do everything independently and put me as an example, since I do everything myself, and talk about how artists do not need record labels to start off their career. Talk about how my simplistic fashion-style is relatable to teens nowadays who do not have a lot of money to buy new clothes every week, etc. Put in that my music will be a mix of Pop, Hip-hop, and Alternative and that I have been working with my friend Kiki on his songs for most of my time (


At last, talk about my new song Hands On Me, how it features Selena Gomez's instrumental of People You Know, and how that a way for me is to start songs and later change them into my own. You could put in fake quotations as if I did an interview with you, or you could just ask me questions as below of my social media channels.




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