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Reliable Way to Invest Crypto

PayPDM FinTrade is a blockchain-driven decentralized financial trading system.  It is a crypto financial service which is centered on financial tradings which is primarily on crypto portfolio diversification, cryptocurrency and foreign exchange markets.  We are made up of a great team which includes private institutional traders, crypto analysts, crypto experts and others.


Our mission is to be an open crypto financial service.

Our features

  • includes 24/7 Live Support System
  • Reliability & Transparency
  • Duly registered & Incorporated
  • Instant deposit & withdrawals
  • Security
  • Investors data protection and Funds insurance.


PayPDM FinTrade is a trusted crypto financial firm whose motives is to bring individuals as investors and centers these investments financial tradings which is primarily on crypto portfolio diversification, cryptocurrency and foreign exchange markets under professional realism. And not subjected to cryptocurrency volatilities.


FinTrade: The goal is just have to an open crypto financial service which will respect privacy and a viable medium. No KYC, No Users data sharing with 3rd party, Decentralized payment system and decentralized trading system with supporting manual inputs



‘’PayPDM FinTrade doesn’t have the power to users deposit/withdrawals, Which means when a user sign ups and deposits. There is a data  pertaining to such investor which is locked. Every revenue gotten after subscribing to a plan gets sent to the user portfolio. If there is a withdrawal request by the user, portfolio gets unlocked and payment get delivered to the payment address.’’


All users data are secured and protected at maximum levels We don’t sell users data/information. All users funds are also protected and insured.


To get started today. Sign up to PayPDM in 4 steps

  1. Sign up
  2. Verify your email and Sign in
  3. Click deposit and fund with BTC, ETH, PYD.
  4. Click Invest and select a plan.
  5. Viola!. You Just invested.



There are 3 plans currently for all investors. Investors who want a customized plan can contact us at the support center.


  1. PayPDM offers a good Return on Investment (ROI) with at least 15%.
  2. PayPDM offers a instant deposit using BTC, ETH, BNB, PYD.
  3. PayPDM offers an instant withdrawal using BTC, ETH, BNB, PYD, Bank Wire.


A good finance dashboard or portfolio to track your revenues, deposits, withdrawals, bonus(es)


A good referral system which has a 9% bonus commission with an nvestor-friendly referral link and instant withdrawals for referral bonus when received.


Premium investors are eligible for Private Cryptolend. Private Cryptolend is a subsidiary of PayPDM Networks which Investors can borrow 0.5BTC – 50BTC with less than 10% interest within 1 month – 12 months.

Investors fund protection and insurance. Look no further, Sign up today :-

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