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Reasons to Choose Organic Cotton Bed Sheets over Cotton and Bamboo Bed Sheets

Keep it a habit to choose your bed sheet based on the size of your bed: single, double, queen, or king. Add 2 inches to the depth of your mattress on each side because you'll need enough fabric to tuck it in. If you're buying cotton bedsheets online, go for a larger size because it shrinks over time.


Why organic cotton is better than bamboo bed sheets?

Bed sheets come in a variety of materials, from pure cotton, bamboo bedsheets to poly cotton and mixed. Cotton bedsheets are generally suggested in a place like India since they are cool and satisfying. The most elegant bed sheet is one made of Organic cotton. This fabric is extraordinary in terms of quality, softness, and anti-allergenic characteristics.


The only common complaint concerning bamboo sheets is probably that they are usually a bit costlier than cotton's basic option. Most of the bamboo products on the market today are made from strong chemicals. However, cotton farmingdoes not use synthetic fertilizers, harmful pesticides or other dangerous substances that may be harmful to the health of the individual. Cotton fibers are softer and stronger; as chemical processing does not disrupt them.

Organic Cotton - Premium materials, eco-friendly

  • Organic cotton is produced without harmful chemicals and free of contaminants which cause harm in the soil, air and water. Organic cotton generates approximately 46% fewer CO2e than conventional cotton. It also uses much less water to grow because organic cotton growers usually use much more rain than irrigation.
  • Organic cotton bedsheets components are recyclable, respiratory and environmentally friendly. Each material was chosen to offer you the ultimate comfort and sustainability of our earth, from the tempered steel to organic cotton.
  • The popularityof Organic cotton bed sheets in India can be attributed to a number of factors. You can select from a variety of weaves, such as crisp percale or silky-soft sateen, as well as fabrics based on thread count, staple (or fiber length), and country of origin. Most cotton sheets are also extremely breathable and will not trap heat like polyester and other synthetics.


Check out the wide range of options available in Organic cotton bed sheets in India

  • If your furniture and walls have prints or decorative designs, choose plain bed sheets. Similarly, if you have plain furniture and no wall decor, go for printed bed sheets to add some classic appeal.
  • When it comes to bed sheets, patterns range from florals to stripes, solids to checks, and much more. However, Organic Cotton Printed Bed Sheetsare a new entrant in the world of bed sheet patterns. A printed bedsheet gives your room a whole new look and improves the interior design. The prints on bed sheets are realistic and add a unique element to your bedroom.
  • The collection you get in organic bedsheets are truly countless. When compared to comparable high-quality percale sheet sets, the prices are relatively affordable, and the customization option should appeal to consumers on a variety of budgets.


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