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Read This Powerful Piece to Learn How to command MONEY Spiritually

How to command money spiritually; First to respond your thought. You can’t command money spiritually if you are not spiritual.


Secondly, you need to know what is spiritually, it’s not some sort of fertish kind of thing as carnal minded people might think it is. Spirituality simple means self awareness.


What is self awareness? It means self consciousness, knowing thyself, being responsible for one’s self, taking charge over thyself, connecting with the universe.


In a more simple English, to summarize all written above. It means you, to know who you are. When you know who you are, then you start getting connected to your higher self. Because if you don’t identify who you’re, you won’t eventually know the key to access your higher self; thus to access your higher self, you know the right key to unlock the padlock (your higher self).


It’s actually a process to attain the state of spirituality, because it takes sacrifices, determination, discipline, meditation, focus, consistency, trials and tribulations.


The most important of all mentioned above is; “pure heart” offcourse if you’re not pure you can’t even complete the above steps.


Also commanding money spiritually doesn’t mean the money would be falling from manner. You must have a stream of income as a channel to flow in the money after your commanding.


So, how to command money spiritually?

1- You must be PURE.

2- You must have an income stream.

3- Begin to speak magical and spiritual WORDS to command money.


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