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Re-Inventing The Next Chapter in Life

Amirah Hall is Transformative Intuitive Life Coach, accredited, wellness warrior, award-winning, entrepreneur, best-selling author,artist and founder of HeartGate – an integrated business and wellness service providing tools to elevate women to reach their highest potential.

As a high-achiever herself, Amirah has experienced burn-out and all the challenges that come with successfully climbing corporate ladders, thriving in fast-paced & pressured environments, having spent almost a decade in the corporate services sector and dealt with the trials and tribulations of balancing life, work and also well-being. As important as Amirah’s formal qualifications (MSc Business degree, Certified Intuitive Trainer) are, her most extensive training has been her life experience, which has been a key element to her success. Amirah has a unique blend of significant experience in the corporate world and in-depth knowledge and training in physics, emotional intelligence, health & relationships.

Amirah's coaching is unique and masterful. She combines deeply intuitive, customized life coaching with spiritual psychology’s powerful tools and techniques. This synergy helps women heal old belief systems and early life experiences that frees them to enjoyfulfilling lives with purpose.

She explains that our lives today are a result of our childhood and earlier life experiences. That’s when our core beliefs and values are defined: Are we lovable? Are we good enough?

Amirah says, “I teach from a high level of universal principles and understanding that I learned in my near-death-experience that incorporates a spiritual psychological and energetic perspective.All true and lasting healinghappens at a soul level. When healing occurs in this manner, we discover a sense of connection to something bigger than ourselves. As we reclaim and restore our self-esteem, align our beliefs with our behaviors and our values to our choices, we are empowered and begin to live from a place of joy, gratitude and abundance.”

Amirah specializes in redefining women’s lives after significant life changes like death, divorce, career shifts, retirement or when the kids leave home.

“So many women sideline their own dreams while they focus on everyone else’s. When we ignore our dreams or don’t take action to fulfill them, parts of us begin to die. Re-claiming long forgotten dreams is rewarding and incredibly satisfying.”

She gives women permission to get out of their comfort zone and reclaim their lives with intention, reminding them to reignite the flame inside. Her mission statement: It’s never too late to live the life of your dreams at any time of your life.

“I needed to heal my past, learn forgive and break through limiting beliefs so I could stop the self-sabotaging survival skills that were no longer serving me. Healing myself was beyond transformative in every way. I know that if I can heal myself, anyone can! I’ve witnessed countless ."

Amirah gained high level quantum physics teaching from her near-death-experience and while working on her Master’s in Metaphysical Science at the University of Sedona when she was in her 40’s. She has since worked with hundreds of corporate leaders, moms, businesswomen, and seekers globally who looked to find answers to the questions: Who am I? What’s my purpose? How can I be in service to my community?

Amirah’s one-on-one VIP mentoring programs encourages and engages women to get unstuck so they can reinvent the second chapter of their lives based on joy, purpose, clarity, and creativity. She guarantees that with her work you will experience welcome shifts in a short time.When you’re ready to clear undesirable behaviors, obstacles, and unnecessary struggles that sabotage your ability to live your best life, Amirah will help you thrive.

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