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Purchasing the Perfect Bed Sheets at Amouve

Have you ever heard the cliché: Life is too short for you to sleep on low-gauge bed sheets? Well, although this may not be practical in real life, the quality of your bed sheets is crucial.


In addition to the fact that they obscure all the other facts below, Bed Sheets also define how comfortable your sleep will be when you sleep in direct contact with your skin. This is why you should work hard to ensure that only the best linens can decorate your comfortable bed. Remember these tips the next time you shop.


What to consider when buying sheets.



Basically, the number of threads is the number of vertical and horizontal threads per square inch of fabric. It is usually expressed in integers and tc on the packaging of Bed Sheets. Generally, the higher the thread count, the softer the paper feels. Even so, paper with thread count between 200 and 350 still tends to last longer than those with higher thread counts. They are also very comfortable on the skin. Similarly, sheets with a tc range of 180 to 200 are also very durable, even though they are not comfortable for sleeping.

Yarn and layers

In fabrics, yarn refers to its weight, thickness and fabric coverage. On the other hand, the ply is the number of single yarns used as a single strand of the bed sheet. The number of yarns determines the weight of the bed sheet or other. Make sure to choose the correct density of yarn so that the sheets are not too heavy to guarantee sleep comfort.


Materials used

When solving the sleeping problem of the ideal bed sheet, the material used to make the bed sheet may be the most important indicator. The sheets you need should usually sleep comfortably on them and should also be durable. In addition, the sheet should allow air to circulate easily. Although there are many sheet fabrics on the market, cotton and linen fabrics are still kings because they usually last longer, are comfortable and do not affect your breathing. Silk satin sheets are also worth mentioning because they keep warm and are very suitable for cold climates.


Color fastness

You want to choose bed linen whose color does not fall off every time you wash it. This is why you should make sure that when using bleach or other cleaning products, no matter which paper you choose, it will not fade. An easy way to test whether your favorite paper is color resistant is to rub it against a standard fabric such as interlining.


Design of Bed Sheets

Bed sheets play an important role in the overall bedroom theme, so choose carefully. Choose a bed linen design that is both attractive and complements the overall theme of your bedroom. This includes matching color schemes, designs and room textures.



Are you ready to buy a bed sheet? Before leaving, be sure to measure the mattress. Mattresses vary in size and bed sheets are also different. Therefore, you should note down the necessary dimensions of the mattress. Write down the distance, width and depth from head to toe specifically.


Bottom line

Buying a convenient set of Bed Sheets is a truly worthwhile investment. Just like a good blanket provides perfect warmth for a good night’s sleep, the right bed sheet can provide comfort to your skin while you sleep. The tips above will be very valuable for you to choose the best bed sheets from the pile provided, so please do it at your fingertips.


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