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Professional Mosquito Control Services Long Island with Mosquitobrothers

If you want to enjoy a summer meal on the terrace, but the presence of mosquitoes is unpleasant, you will soon lose your appetite. When children go outside to play in the yard, these pests can drive them back. These annoying winged insects often spoil the otherwise pleasant outdoor activities.


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When they buzz around you and your loved ones, they are not just annoying pests. Their bites can cause itching, redness, and swelling, which can last from a few hours to a week. Worse, these insects can transmit dangerous diseases, including malaria. In pets, they can spread heartworm disease and other debilitating diseases.


Measures can be taken to reduce the number of mosquitoes or avoid contact. These measures include using insecticides when outdoors, wearing long sleeves and long pants when these insects are most active, and removing any standing water from your property to inhibit reproduction. But these measures alone may not be enough.


When Natural Mosquito Control Long Island

Even if precautions are taken, insects will reproduce. Because it is difficult to remove stagnant water from every possible location-including bird pots, pool covers, flower pots and dishes, and pet water bowls-even if you think you have eliminated all their favorite breeding spots, mosquitoes will appear.


This is where professional services can help. This service is applicable to residential and commercial properties and can:

Apply a pest control barrier that lasts three to four weeks.


If the customer wants, they can use a mild organic insect repellent, which lasts for two weeks each time.


Treat the area throughout the summer or when mosquitoes are active.


Spray the area before special events such as weddings or graduation parties.


A Professional Mosquito Control Services Long Island company not only knows what products to use, but also knows how much to use in a certain area to ensure that the problem is solved. They also know how pesticides may affect individuals with weakened immune systems. They can then create tailor-made solutions based on customer needs and special considerations.


Environmental solutions

All-natural mosquito sprays are very popular among customers seeking environmentally friendly solutions. These sprays decompose faster in the environment, thereby reducing the impact. Natural sprays can kill exposed adults without using strong chemicals. These formulas can be used as insect repellents to provide continuous protection for up to two weeks. You can reapply as often as necessary until the problem is resolved.


Integrated pest management

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) both advocate a comprehensive approach to protect humans from mosquito-borne diseases. Using an integrated management approach means focusing on pest prevention and reduction, as well as eliminating conditions that may cause pest infestation. Multi-point methods of mosquito control are most likely to reduce the number of bites. Consult a professional pest control service to learn more about successful strategies to protect yourself and your loved ones from these nasty and dangerous insects.


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