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Premier Mop & Broom: A Modern Take On Floor Care

PREMIERMOP.COM is a revolutionary new take on floor care. It's specially designed to clean, polish, and protect all floors in your home. What makes it so different? Premier Mop uses technology to ensure that you get the most out of your floor-care routine. Read on to find out more about this exceptional brand!


Who Is Premier Mop & Broom?

For more than eight decades, they have been committed to supplying and wholesale the cleaning industry with the highest-quality products and services available on the market. By offering new items, private labelling, and thorough sales training, they are demonstrating their commitment to their customers' success. This company's purpose is to build long-term ties with its clients so that they may benefit from their success.


What Makes Premier Mop & Broom Different?

Since Premier Mop & Broom was founded over 70 years ago, they have been making their products in the United States. Below are some of the reasons why they are the best manufacturer and wholesaler of premium cleaning products.


A Wide Range of Products

Wet Mops, Wet Mop Handles, Dust Mops, Microfiber, Corn Brooms, and Broom and Brush Handles are all available at Premier Mop & Broom. Customization, private labelling, and wholesale are available for all of their goods.


Superiority that Remains Consistent

The basic materials used by Premier Mop & Broom are purchased from trusted suppliers. There will be no change in the source of a raw material unless there is a compelling cause for it to be done so. In this manner, clients can be certain that anything they buy will always be of the highest standard.


Enhanced Customer Service

In addition to helping your Purchasing department, Premier Mop & Broom's Sales Reps are trained to educate distributors' representatives on how to market their goods and aid with customer service calls. In the event that fresh sales reps are brought on board, their assistance is priceless.


A Manufacturing Facility on the West Coast

Prior to moving into the new location in June of 1991, Premier Mop and Broom had been operating out of a 50,000 square foot building that served as their headquarters. Faster turnaround times were possible because of this facility's ability to simplify its manufacturing process.


Preferential Customer Service Initiative

Premier Mop & Broom's Preferred Customer Service Program was launched in 1992. As a result of this new program, they have established weekly order and production days for their most important clients as well as weekly delivery days. Clients may expect to get their order on scheduled shipping day, which is five working days after they place their purchase.


Manufacturer Focused on Customer Service

Customer service has always been a top priority for Premier Mop and Broom (Northwestern Converting Company) for more than 70 years. Providing exceptional customer service, consistent quality, and low pricing has always been a priority for their business.


Send Your Enquiries Now

This is a contemporary floor care firm that aims to change the way we think about cleaning our floors. They provide a wide range of products and services for all types of floors. This includes wood, laminate, tile, marble, and more. There is a variety of pricing available at Premier Mop as well, so there is something for everyone.


Contact them for a consultation if you'd like to learn more about their comprehensive range of industrial and commercial cleaning products and services or about their Private Label Program. Let them know you're interested in working with them!


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