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Peer to Peer Payment Platform


Send and receive money online from your website with Paycoinly. More than 300 Payment methods available for funding and withdrawal (Cryptocurrency & Fiat). It’s free to pay and receive money with Paycoinly. Send funds to anyone with a Paycoinly account, its free and easy!


Paycoinly is a peer to peer payment system that makes it possible for anyone to receive, send and spend cryptocurrency or cash easily with just a Paycoinly account. We are reducing all the complexity into one dashboard and increasing the global adoption rate for cryptocurrencies using the peer to peer method.

Payment GateWay: With Paycoinly you can accept payment online via your website either via the API or via CMS Plugins. Customers will be able to pay from their Paycoinly wallet easily. The Gateway is very simple to use and easy to install or integrate. It also does not require any paper work before usage also with zero fees to accept payment from your website.

Transfer Funds: With a simple Paycoinly wallet, users can transfer funds from one account to the other with just an email address or the Paycoinly account number. Funds are received and available for spending immediately.

Peer to Peer Payment Platform

Withdraw Funds: This is the most important part of the whole IDEA. Merchants on Paycoinly are responsible for sending withdrawals using their own payment methods and currencies. There are more than 190 Countries in the world and this actually makes more sense when users from any Country can withdraw to Bank or chooses any payment withdrawal method to use.

Merchants are fully verified before they can be approved to initiate withdrawals on Paycoinly and since there would be competition among Merchants this would automatically improve the withdrawal rates. The introduction of Merchants would solve the following problems;

  1. a) Users can load their Paycoinly account with their payment method or via their local currency.
  2. b) Withdrawal of funds will be instant from the Paycoinly portal
  3. c) Risk are minimized as all transactions are initiated via our automatic Escrow system
  4. d) Same day settlement becomes possible since there are a lot of Merchants who are waiting to exchange funds for cash.


Its basically free to use Paycoinly.

  • Its free to receive funds
  • Its free to send funds - send money globally
  • Its free to exchange from one currency to the other
  • Its free to withdraw (depends on the Merchant’s rate)

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