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9 out of 10 times if a fire was to break out a child as early as 3 or 4 years old would immediately know what to do. If it was to transpire in school children’s young ears would either be startled by the bell or amused and some maybe even a combination of the two. Regardless of either response children would then immediately seek out a Teacher/s that will in return lead them to safety which would be the nearest EXIT. Similarly if a fire was to break out in the home younger children would immediately seek out a parent or caretaker to lead them to safety. How is it that children this young know what to do if they are ever put in that predicament? Fire prevention is the answer that you are looking for.


As early as preschool children are drilled on the basics of fire safety tips. They know what to do, who to search out for safety, and that magical 911 number that is etched in their preschool memories. This is what prevention does it teaches and trains children for the unexpected.


Similarly to fire prevention being priority as a lesson children are drilled to know, PBS for kids also known as Personal Body Safety prevention should be a lesson children are drilled to know as well. Not to say anything will happen but the goal of prevention is to prepare children for the what IF’s.

Fire safety tips teaches prevention from fire PBS teaches children prevention from predators. Let’s start off with P and name some Personal Body Safety tips:

P is for personal protection. Children should learn the safety tips for protecting themselves.

B is for Boundaries regarding their bodies. Children should learn and know that their bodies belong to them.They should also learn their bodies actual private parts and not “nicknames” for them. In addition they should also know how to listen to what their body is telling them. If they are feeling nervous, afraid, sad or any other feeling that says someone or something is not right they should go to an adult immediately to lead them to safety.

S is for Safety. Children should know who the “Safe” adults are in their life at least 4-5 that they can go to, trust and confide in.They should also be educated on the difference between good and bad secrets. And learn the words to keep them safe such as “stop” or “no.”

Personal Body Safety prevention and tips are as equally as important as fire prevention and safety tips. Children should be educated as early on as possible on what to do and who to go to if the what IF was to happen. There are many resources to begin the discussion on Personal Body Safety such as the one listed below.


This book uses a simple direct and age appropriate approach it teaches children a variety of topics such as:

  • The difference between good and bad secrets
  • Who to turn to for help if they are keeping a bad secret
  • The difference between an appropriate and inappropriate touch

Designed for ages 4 and up you can rest assured that concerned Parents, Caretakers and Educators can approach this topic with ease. Children would be able to receive guidance that they can understand, practice and put to use.

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