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Overview of Bath Towels by Amouve

Today, Bath Towels have become an important part of most families. In fact, many houses tend to have a large number of such houses. Bath towels are mainly used to dry hair and skin after washing the body in the bathtub or after showering. Currently, bath towels are made of stacked or looped cotton, terry cloth or cotton blended with other polyesters. Interestingly, before the 1890s, bath towels were made only of linen, but later towels made of terry cloth arrived. In that era, the use of towels was very limited because citizens did not take baths often.


Now, all families must use towels so that family members and guests can dry out after showering or bathing. When buying towels, one should keep in mind the quantity, material and quality required and the design of the towel.


You can get bath towels in various colors and designs with Amouve :- You can buy towels that blend with the color of the bathroom wall or floor mat or even the bathroom curtain. If your bathroom is in a neutral color, you can consider using an appropriately colored towel to highlight the area, or maintain a neutral look by including towels with slick textures (such as waffle or ribbing).

You can add a stylish look to the bathroom with a monogrammed towel, which can also be regarded as a great wedding gift. You can use towels with garlands, initials and crowns. Usually, this unusual towel is not used, but just displayed on the rest of the towels hanging in the bathroom found by others.


It is not difficult to assess the number of towels you need at home. You only need to assess the number of family members and estimate the number of visitors from time to time. A reasonable estimate is to provide two bath towels/sheets and the same amount of paper towels, plus four to six face towels per person. Face wash cloths are usually used to remove makeup and dry the washed face. The towel kept next to the sink is used to dry washed hands, and it can also be used to dry hair. Bath towels are used to dry the body at the end of the bath or shower.


For people who are obese, it is best to use bath towels instead of towels, because they can provide more drying power and can be used instead of wraps to wrap the body. Ideally, bath towels should be hung high on the hooks at the back of the bathroom door because they are a bit long and cannot fit on the towel rail.


You should buy Bath Towels made of natural fibers. And avoid using products made of synthetic materials. In addition to being highly absorbent, towels made of natural fibers can remain strong for a long time. The material includes several small loops. Longer and denser loops improve the absorbent quality of the towel. The advantages of towels made of microfiber are softness and lightness.

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