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Oh Twodles Birthday Bash!

OhTwodles is a great party theme for both boys and girls.

You are invited to join Twodles and his friends for his birthday bash! Join us at his party as we celebrate with a birthday cake and sing Happy Birthday to him. Grab your treat bag and take home some fun souvenirs from the party. An Oh Twodles Birthday is a great party theme for both boys and girls. It is popular with all kids birthdays but is especially fitting to be used to celebrate the second birthday of your child. This theme is gender neutral which makes it perfect for both boys and girls, so you don't have to worry about your guest list being split down the middle!



Party Decorations

  • Mickey Mouse: The most famous of all the Disney characters, Mickey Mouse is an icon. Whether you have a theme party or just want to add some fun decor, having a few items with his image will do the trick.
  • Minnie Mouse: Another popular character in Disney lore, Minnie Mouse can be found on everything from hats to t-shirts! Make sure to include her when planning your next decent!
  •  Oh Twodles: This adorable character has become quite popular in recent years and makes for great theme, party decorations and even Oh Twodles Birthday Outfits are available on their own or as part of a larger collection of various characters from different movies and cartoons ar perfect.
  • Balloons: These are one of our favorite decor items because they come in so many shapes, sizes and colors which means there's something for everyone. You can even get them personalized with your own message - perfect if you're throwing an event especially for someone special like an anniversary or birthday celebration!


There are also other fun decorations such as banners made out of crepe paper material (which comes in many different colors). Streamers come in blue/white stripes but can also be ordered other color combinations depending on what matches best with your home décor theme(s). Confetti would also be great too since it looks festive without being too "busy" looking at all which means guests won't get overwhelmed trying not step on it while walking through doorways etcetera ;) We recommend using both napkins AND plates/bowls instead using only one type because they go together really well when placed side by side on tables during meal times :) Any of these may be purchased from party stores or online at specialty sites. Or if you are crafty you may choose to make them yourself!



Cake Table Decorations

  • Balloon garland: To begin, you'll need to hang a balloon garland on your party table. A balloon garland is an excellent way to add festive colors and patterns to any party table! You can buy them at most craft stores or even make your own using this tutorial from Martha Stewart:
  • Cake: Cake is an essential part of any birthday celebration! In order for your guests' mouths to be watering with anticipation as soon as they arrive at the party, it's important that you have delicious cakes available (either purchased or homemade).
  • Birthday banner: A birthday banner is another fun way to decorate your Twodles birthday bash! Whether you choose something subtle like "Happy Birthday" or something more elaborate like "Happy Birthday Mr./Mrs." or even "I'm 2 today!", our Twodles banners are sure to add some extra oomph!
  • Table covering: Finally, we suggest covering the tables in white paper tablecloths so that they match all of our other decorations perfectly!



Food and Drink Table Décor

  • Tablecloth (a.k.a. a large piece of cloth or paper)
  • Plates, cups and napkins (paper or plastic)
  • Party favor bags for the kids to take home their party favors in
  • Cutlery (enough for each guest with an extra set on hand just in case)



Party Favors

Twodles has been waiting all day to see you! Join us at his party as we celebrate with a birthday cake and sing Happy Birthday to him. Grab your Treat Bag and take home some fun souvenirs from the party! One last thing to consider, if the party is for a child, is what you want to do with the presents. Is it just going home with the birthday boy or girl? If so, then you can put them in a bag and hand it over.


Otherwise, I suggest having some sort of treat bags made up that have either been bought from a party supply store or decorated yourself. Treat bags are great as they give each guest something to take home as a reminder of their time at your Twodle’s Birthday Bash!




Since your child's birthday party is coming up, you need to make sure that you have everything ready. There are some kids who like baseball and sports-related parties while others prefer a princess themed birthday. If your child likes puppies and dogs, then you should also add some balloons featuring pictured of puppies or dogs on them to the decor! OhTwodles Mickey Mouse Pinata from Amazon or Party City if you want something that has all the characters on it. If you do not want all of them, then there are also other options such as Minnie Mouse pinatas as well as Donald Duck ones.


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