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Notel Group released N-HUB platform 2.0 - Automatic Mobile Network Optimization Software

N-HUB platform 2.0 – N-HUB Optimizer and N-HUB Controller officially released!

We are proud to announce release of the major extension of N-HUB platform 2.0, which consists of two modules: Controller and Optimizer. Its main task is to detect mobile network issues and provide data to improve the quality of mobile services.

N-HUB Controller and N-HUB Optimizer are mutually cooperating platform modules, thanks to which it is possible to achieve a synergy effect and optimize data collection and analytics processes of a company.


N-HUB Optimizer

N-HUB Optimizer module allows for automatic detection of mobile network issues. It uses solutions based on Machine Learning (Optimization Module) to analyse measurements.

N-HUB Optimizer is powerful software allowing automatic mobile network optimization software activities based on Crowd-Source and drive test data.

In version 2.0 N-HUB Optimizer enables quick detection of the following issues: UE in the back lobe, coverage holes, Swapped Sectors, or the possibility of exceeding the limit.

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An advantage of this solution, as in the case of N-HUB Controller, is the way the collected data is presented. In N-HUB Optimizer, this is possible both in the form of text reports and presenting data on the map, thanks to the use of an appropriate Visualization Engine.

Furthermore, the Visualization Engine allows for displaying base stations on the basis of the provided configuration file, or filtering measurements on the basis of defined parameters. The application also allows the selection of various maps. Apart from standard maps, satellite maps, topographic maps, or 3D maps are also available.


N-HUB Controller

N-HUB Controller enables remote control of RFBENCHMARK Application and real-time monitoring activities.

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Among the features that have been introduced in the N-HUB 2.0 Controller version, we can find the possibility to use the RFBENCHMARK application as a measuring probe in data collection software versions:   N-Probe, and SDK distribution.


Example Use-Cases : SLA Montoring, Active Performance Management and proactive Netwok Optimization

The creators of N-HUB Controller provided clear data visualization by displaying the probes on the map. This is one of the elements that facilitate control by monitoring the current status, recent results, as well as the number of failed tests and application restarts and main Key Performance Indicators related to QoS Performance.

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