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New Telecom System - New way to communicate between users and making world telephone connection simpler


A new communication system that allows communication from a touch of a button without the need for telephone numbers. A system built to handle calls in HD real time without lag or numbers or inconveniences dialling internationally and using the net where ever you are. You can throw away your sim cards, you won’t need phone cards and you won’t need to use different country sim cards when travelling around the world. With our technology you always will be connected with internet.

Short Summary

Hi My name is Raj Chanda and I’ve been a banker for 17 years. After I have been made redundant which was recently I have decided to setup my own business. The idea for a new telephone network came across when I had a poor experience with a telephone provider transferring my number across. It took them 3 months and they had no clue what was going on. The new telephone system I plan on designing and setting up will allow people from all over the world to communicate with each other without the need for telephone numbers. This will solve most of the problems in the communication industry. Your help will allow a new era to come about and disturb the major players in the communication industry. Your assistance will give us a head start to design new technology and phones to allow this communication to happen. I thank you all for coming onboard and with me on this journey.

What We Need & What You Get

It’s not a lot to ask but we are looking at 500k GBP to get started. This will help 2 year office rental. Some staff, research and development and to bring about a prototype of the new network will be trying to build. We will need to then patent the technology and build prototype servers to handle the communication data around the world. I will then require fees for communication license in the respected countries. To help with the funding I have some perks, please feel free to purchase any perks to get us started.

The Impact

To establish a new way of communicating from one side of the world to another without phone numbers. We will use a different system to ID a person, in turn our system will be like having speed dial on your phone to whomever and wherever with no restriction to countries, therefore reducing lag on current video calls and delivering the best HD calls wherever you are. No more excessive bills or searching for internet signal. No more worries if you’re in a remote area or not. We will be implementing new technology that will allow us to connect from a village in the middle of nowhere without the conventional method of wiring your house to your road.

Risks & Challenges

Licensing in certain countries may be a issue however were willing to go into dialogue with certain countries over this. Product development is another we have a few manufacturers and highly qualified engineers ready and on standby. Once this funding is complete. The development of new phones with new tech will be looked into.

Other Ways You Can Help

I cannot stress how much we will appreciate your help by spreading the word out there for us. If you cannot contribute financially you can help by spreading the news using word of mouth, social media posts, nudges or making it viral for us on social media platforms. We will be grateful for any assistance from any angle. Don’t forget you can use Indiegogo’s share tools or if you have any other methods feel free to use them.

Before and After


In Laymen's terms, telecommunication is made through radio frequency transmissions or via underground/overhead wiring, including fibre optics.


Lots of issues with lag, poor quality communication, no network coverage, poor internet connections, network to network jumping costs are too high for end users, lots of radiations. No improvements are made to current technology.


Although each little step in telecommunications is forward, but this step is too little and at the expense of the end user.

Our vision is to bring tomorrows technology today.

We want to create the planets first truly world wide web, with the aid of semi - artificial intelligence (AI)

We want you, the Bio - Form to link up to this one system offering you endless possibilities in your professional, social and personal life with ease, security and complete safety.

Imagine a world where not only making calls, information access and GPS is offered, but also understanding dangerous and critical situations, auto emergency calls, discreet telecommunication aids with minimum radiation. Also, able to generate its own mini - sub network in absolute remote areas of the world on auto in order to connect to the main mother network.


A truly global telecommunication system run by one company with the latest AI technology, enhancing and superseding all other forms of telecommunications.

Able to generate its own mini Wi-Fi hub (umbilical connection) to the main mother network, there by sustaining the status quo.

Able to assist in any difficult or critical situations with auto - dialling to any emergency service.

Access to unlimited and secure data 24/7 with unique bio - metric codes.

No need for mobile phones - expense, but instead a small and discreet communicator giving you access via speech recognition and bio - metric code

Please note all logos and material are trademark of Rasthaa Tele-Net Ltd, company house registration number: 11462525, UK,

I would like to thank everyone for their support.


Raj Chanda and Harminder Bansal

CEO and Co Founder of Rasthaa Tele-Net Ltd


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