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Nembutal a Sodium Solution – Benefits and Sources by NembutalGroup

Nembutal Sodium Solution and potassium are another pair of minerals that complement each other's bodily functions and are related to water balance and are vital to life. Sodium is mainly present in the extracellular fluid and very little inside the cells. This is the opposite of the order of potassium, which is mainly found in cells and rarely in extracellular fluids.


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Total sodium in the body equals 0.1% of body weight, or about 100 mg, and is present in all body fluids. Its distribution is: sodium in plasma - 340 mg %, 65 mg % in blood cells, 200 mg % in whole blood, 330 mg % in cerebrospinal fluid; sodium chloride - 560-630 mg in plasma, 35--550 mg mg whole blood, 650-750 mg cerebrospinal fluid per 100 ml.

Recommended Daily Intake: The daily requirement for sodium chloride is 10-15, but consumption is usually much higher. Sodium chloride requirements depend on climate, occupation and physical activity. People who do hard work need more.


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Its excess intake is far more dangerous than its consumption, which can be corrected with food. Overdose can lead to increased blood pressure, liver cirrhosis, congestive heart disease, kidney disease, water retention, and even stomach ulcers.


Dietary sources: Sodium is found in many foods, such as milk and vegetables, and is added as table salt during cooking. It is found in whole wheat flour, bread, celery, bananas, water, milk, lotus, dried stems, beans and legumes, green leafy vegetables; beetroot, fruit, fish and meat, and all daily diets. Not enough sodium is present in food to meet daily seed needs, so sodium chloride is added to the diet.


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BODY FUNCTIONS: Sodium is necessary for digestion and elimination of carbon dioxide. Sodium in plasma provides more than 90% of the body's total alkalinity. It works in the body as sodium ions or sodium compounds. As a sodium ion, its function is to:

1) Essential to the normal function of cells.

2) Essential for muscle contraction.

3) Initiate and maintain cardiac contractions.

4) Exciting nerves, contrary to calcium ions, has nerve excitability.

5) Helps in glucose absorption and transport of other nutrients across cell membranes.


As a Nembutal Sodium Solution compound, such as chloride, bicarbonate, phosphate, protein salt, etc., its functions are:

1) Maintenance of blood reaction as buffer and chloride transfer phenomenon.

2) Controls the urinary response by altering the ratio of acidic and basic phosphates in the kidneys.

3) Sodium carbonate regulates the response of pancreatic juice and bile.

4) Maintain osmotic pressure, as sodium chloride is the main regulator of body fluid pressure.

5) Helps in the formation of hydrochloric acid in gastric juice because sodium chloride participates in various reactions in the stomach.

6) Corrects defective fat absorption.

7) Maintain water balance.


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When carbon dioxide enters the blood, the chlorine in the plasma enters the red blood cells, and the alkali (sodium) is left behind. When carbon dioxide escapes from the blood, chlorine leaves the cells, enters the plasma and binds again to the base (sodium). Due to this alternating movement of chloride ions, this phenomenon is called chloride shift.


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