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Mycheckenginelight.Com-Unprecedented Website Platform Allows Car Owners to Get Rid of Expensive Auto Shops! enables anyone to become a mechanic with live, real-time support.


With the help of a groundbreaking website,, your average car owner can now take the reins and do their own repairs with the use of live aid from an experienced mechanic.

Finally Free

“This enables anyone to do their own repairs, as difficult as they are comfortable with,” said Sam Dillinger, owner of been up and running since May of 2014. Founder Sam Dillinger has already helped hundreds of people through his Q&A forums, Skype sessions and informative Blogs on his website. He says that his services were inspired by the sight of “single moms crying at a shop because their car broke down and they couldn’t afford the charges”.


The website offers a range of options; customers can choose to subscribe monthly, annually, or one consultation at a time. Through the use of a one-on-one Q&A online forum, Sam can assist car owners in diagnosing and repairing any car themselves. The service is not limited to the subscriber’s vehicle, it could belong to a friend or family member. The additional option of having a Skype session is included in the service so a customer can easily show Sam the problematic vehicle visually. will be a boon for anyone who’s ever experienced the dreaded check engine light come on at a time when they are not financially prepared for the cost of an auto shop. The subscription also includes 3 estimate reviews per month; if a subscriber doesn’t plan to do their own repairs, Sam can review and explain up to 3 estimates in laymen’s terms for the purpose of discerning which is the most cost-effective and whether any estimates include unnecessary work. There are even subscriptions available for automotive shops. Sam’s strong background with transmissions make his services valuable for establishments who may not have an experienced mechanic in this respect.


After the success of the initial website, a streaming show is about to be launched in the same vein. The show will feature Dillinger giving car repair tips, highlighting products and general advice for the novice mechanic.


Anyone who can access the internet now has the potential to learn how to do a repair on their car themselves with the assistance of a virtual consultant.


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