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Men Sunglasses Origins Style UV and Protection

Men's sunglasses are a must. I can't imagine not wearing anything, can I?

Men's sunglasses

Sunglasses or shadows are protective glasses that are primarily used to protect against bright sunlight and high-energy visible light or to make our eyes uncomfortable. They can also be used as visual aids at times, and my eyes are bifocal sunglasses.


The origin of sunglasses.


Guess when the first sunglasses were put on? Nope, nope and nope - The first sun screeners were Inuit people in prehistoric times, wearing flat sea ivory glasses that blocked the sun's harmful reflections through narrow gaps.


Interesting, isn't it? The Roman Emperor Nero likes to watch the gladiator battle with emeralds instead of the $25 color!


Men's sunglasses are made of flat, smoked quartz without any correction, but protect the eyes from glare and reflection, and are used in China in the 12th century or earlier. Only for men? In those days, ladies sunglasses don't seem to be fashionable!


Around 1752, James Ayscough of the United Kingdom began to think about using colored glass to prevent the sun, but to cure or help treat the disease. Yellow/amber/brown tones for syphilis! What is the color of your sunglasses? Sorry to hear this, just joking.


Since 1913, sunglasses have grown very fast. Crooke lenses have been developed and made of glass containing bismuth and UV light blockers.


In the 1920s, movie stars wore fashion sunglasses instead of features. Men's sunglasses and women's sunglasses are small round hand-made ochre or metallic. Color tones range from dark gray to amber. Dark green tones appeared in the 1930s.


The public has noticed the convenience of the shadows, but the cost is very high, up to $25 per pair! About $316 in 2019 - How much did you pay for Tom Ford sunglasses?


Fortunately, cheap, mass-produced celluloid sunglasses made in the 1930s were made by Sam Foster in 1929. Atlantic City Beach in New Jersey is where Sam began selling shadows under the name Foster Grant. In 1938, it was estimated that 20 million sunglasses were sold in the United States, but only about 25% of Americans wear them for sun protection - Fashion, Fashion.


Today, Xiamen, China is the world's largest manufacturer of sunglasses, exporting 120 million pairs a year! Don't dream, your Oakley sunglasses are made in Xiamen.

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