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What's the difference? Does it really matter if the cabinet is built with melamine or plywood? Here are the facts about melamine:


What it looks like. When I showed my clients a piece of plywood and a piece of melamine for cabinet construction, 9 out of 10 times, after checking the depth, structure and strength of the plywood, they were more inclined to require the construction of plywood cabinets than melamine.


Melamine Paint Manufacturers

When it gets wet or damp, it swells and separates! Does this make sense? The kitchen, bathroom and laundry cabinets are located in damp areas. I can't count how many customers ask me why their melamine cabinets smell musty, are decomposing, and are moldy, and their doors and drawers can no longer be closed properly—"We only installed them a few years ago," they told me.

Traditional melamine is really heavy

Lightweight melamine is ridiculous! It is easy to crack, chip, chip, delaminate, it can't fix screws or nails, and it's too thin, I don't know how they can use the thickness of paper to make a finish! The melamine substrate looks like dyed cardboard.


Do not hold the screw for a long time (even for confirmation), especially after the customer starts to open the door. A few months later-they fell! For example, I recently dismantled a melamine kitchen that was only a few years old. It was built with glued and bound 3/4" materials from a large home improvement retailer. It only cost a hammer. I knocked down about 12 cabinets in 10-15 minutes. They really fell apart in a few knocks. I removed the doors by pulling them with one hand... I pulled the doors and hinges off with just one motion Up.


Difficult to cooperate.

The end uses an edge band-basically a melamine strip with glue on it, which is fixed to the chipboard (sawdust) between the melamine boards by heating.


The problem of stratification. Partition board separation between melamine and melamine board.

  • The surface cracks when the screw is used.
  • Sub-materials will degrade over time (loose joints).
  • Over time, the hinges are more likely to loosen (the door sags).
  • If there is no glue or nails, the mold cannot be fixed well.


Cheap (two-way).

The choice between melamine cabinets or plywood cabinets really depends on your own choice. Each of these materials has advantages and disadvantages. After reviewing the following summary of the advantages and disadvantages of each material, you can decide what material to use to make the cabinet.



Although melamine is strong enough to make cabinets, plywood is often stronger. This in turn makes your cabinet bear more.



Use melamine cabinets in verse plywood cabinets, the hinges tend to detach more quickly.



Drawers also tend to be detached from plywood cabinets using the verse of melamine cabinets. See the screws below.



Melamine does not fasten screws like plywood, and it breaks easily when the screws are screwed in.



Plywood is more expensive than melamine.



The melamine wipe is easy. Plywood is a bit difficult to clean.



The plywood must be finished with the varnish, paint or stain of your choice. Melamine is pre-processed in many colors.


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