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Massage Therapy with Hot Organic Cotton Towels

There is nothing like sinking into a warm bath tub after a long day. Throw in some scents and oils and your bath experience is enhanced. Do you know what else could take your already heavenly bathing experience a notch higher? Warm cotton towels.  It is not only comforting and capable of releasing insane amounts of happy chemicals in your brain, hot cotton towels also have actual physical benefits.


Benefits of Hot Organic Towels

If you have never been to a spa that offers hot towel massage therapy, you are seriously missing out on one of life’s greatest comforts. Hot bath towels also have other medical benefits like:


  • Bath towels, when warmed, relieve sinus pressure. If you feel congested or can't breathe, consider a chest massage with a warm cotton towel.
  • If you are an athlete, or undergo strenuous muscle activities, or suffer from arthritis, joint pains due to age, try massage therapy with hot cotton towels.
  • Warm compresses promote relaxation. If you feel your body has turned to mush after a massage therapy with a warm cotton towel, we assure you it is totally normal.

Which Towels to Choose?

Bath towels for women come in a variety of shapes and feels. Plush towels, like the kind of towels that Amouve offers with a twisted thread weave, retain heat longer. The heat retention and absorption range of the towels matter the most. If you have sensitive skin, it is better to choose towels that are manufactured and processed organically without any harsh chemicals, like Amouve’s range of organic cotton towels.


Hot towels in Massage Therapy

If you do not want to take a trip to the spa, understandably so in the midst of a pandemic, you could recreate the hot towel spa massage therapy experience at home. Prepare a washbasin with hot water. Dip a bath towel in it and rub your body with it slowly, applying pressure on all your pain points. Minimize heat loss by keeping the water in a rechargeable basin, or keep it covered with a lid. Keep extra bath towels for women nearby. You will find bath towels for women in various shades, if you look for cotton towels online.


If you are taking a massage in a spa, they usually wipe you down with a warm bath towel. Then, they cover your face and shoulders with a cotton towel, as they work on your pain points. If you are allergic to any essential oil, or feel the towels are too hot, do not hesitate to tell your masseuse. The purpose of a cotton bath towel massage is to alleviate pain and make you relaxed.


Other tips to Maximize the Experience of Hot Towel Massage Therapy

  • If you feel the towels feel too hot, remove them after 20 minutes or so as they begin to cool down, take a break and begin again. Those unused to warm temperatures may find it overwhelming at first.
  • Turn your bath towel cotton massage therapy into an aromatherapy experience by adding scented oils before you dip the towel in the water.


Signing Off

If you run a sauna, or a spa, you could invest in luxurious, high-quality bath towels to retain customers. Remember that they may cost a bit extra, however it is worth it if they attract more customers. You could get bath towels cotton online, or from any retail store. You may find organic bath towels a bit harder to source in non-metropolitan cities. However, most stores deliver pan-India.


Amouve offers a gorgeous collection of cotton towels, sourced organically that are highly absorbent and soft to touch. Their bath towels are a steal for that price. They are long-lasting and free from harsh chemicals, made with a long-twist turn, which is far better than ordinary bath towels.

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