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Marrying a Female Doctor whose Income is More Than Yours


It is obvious that most females want a relationship with a medical doctor for so many reasons. Reasons like their high income, well-organized personality, they are very smart, they are good when it comes to listening and so on.

As a guy, have you ever thought of the idea of marrying a doctor? Give that idea a thought today. Let’s take you through the steps on why you should be in a relationship with a doctor.

There are a lot of female doctors in the world today, and have one as a partner is a very good idea.


One thing people don’t know about female doctors is that;

They are very smart people;

Just like the fellow male associates, female doctors are very smart people. Obviously, it’s a well-known fact that doctors went through a lot in school while trying to get their degrees, from exams to projects to lab work. Now imagine having a lady with such an IQ as a partner.

They are not the gluey type

Most men do complain about their partners behaving too attached to them, which is not something that gets them irritated and ends the relationship quickly. Female doctors are obviously the busy type, so you don’t expect them to give any form of unnecessary attention when they are always busy with their work.

They don’t get irritated easily

The act of getting irritated by the male partner is one major cause of relationship breakup. This is a well-known fact. Yes, most men seem to irritate their partners, but do you know female doctors are not the type that gets irritated easily. Of course, this should be known without any argument. Imagine the blood, guts and other internal body parts they have to encounter every day. No matter the gross act you come up with, you can’t match up to what they face at work.

You get what people call,” Free Medical Checkup”;)

Why need to go to a doctor when you wake up beside one every day and have her number on speed dial. And you do all this with no cost of treatment. For example, you are on your Porsche resting with your partner, all of a sudden you begin to develop a heart attack or any other emergency condition (that makes it difficult for you to call for help or imagine how long it might take for an ambulance to come get you), with your partner beside you, She can attend to you and suppress the pain till an ambulance arrives.

Their big fat income ;)

This is not a hiding fact at all. Well, know fact is always in the top three on the list of the highest paying jobs in the world, with an average salary of $316,000. Even the ladies want to get married to male doctors cause of this reason. Most people tend to date a doctor for this reason because it is known that women who earn a lot tend to fend for themselves and are very much independent. Obviously, no man like a woman who disturbs all day for bills.

Now let’s discuss the last point above with the topic, “Marrying a female doctor whose income is more than yours”.

The idea of marrying a lady who earns more than you is not bad, most importantly a female doctor with all the qualities above.

Here are some advantages to marrying a richer woman;

Financially Independent

It is normal for most women to ask their man for help financially, but some women tend to make it a must for men to do so. This is something most men don’t like. Imagine if you’re a with a woman who can fend for herself in time of need without having to call you all day for every single thing she wants

Be a helping hand in time of need

Not all men are loaded in terms of money and when they are, it is not something that happens stays forever. There might be that time in your life when things are not going as expected. With a woman who has enough to support the family at that point.

Some people might begin to think, where would I find a good female doctor, or should I start a relationship with my doctor? That should not be a problem for there are many doctors dating sites around where you can find your perfect match.

Before doubt the idea of a dating site, here are some advantages you about medical dating sites that might change your view;

You learn a lot about her before meeting

Unlike most times when you meet someone at a bar or a park, and you feel you’ve met the love of your life. Some might say it's “Love at first sight”. Believe how good is the love when after a thirty minutes thereabout, you find out that your love is not someone you can cope with. That’s why dating sites are good, cause they help you know more before you plan any meeting and can always delete the person when you find out she is not your type.

You will have time and know more about the person to plan a perfect first date.

This is one major advantage when you have finally found the love you want. You’ll have all the necessary information you need to know about her, so you will plan a perfect date for her. You will give her one she will never forget, rather than having a random date somewhere around the block.

Good for first-time interactions

You see on dating sites where you just meet someone and start a chat straight away, it’s better than when you see this beautiful lady sitting alone at a restaurant. Dating sites have really helped people who don’t know how to approach the woman in reality.

Works for if you are picky

If you are the one that has a “type”. On dating sites, you will meet people of different characteristics and physical features, this allows you to select who you want to interact with. This puts you in total control over your selection of a possible partner.

With all these, you should be able to find a doctor to date on a doctor dating site.


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