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Mark Hayes The Next Big Name in Comedy


Being a stand-up comedian isn’t simple, and Mark Hayes has managed to become a master of this field. Hayes has worked as a comedian for years, to the point that he did a satire where he plays clips and episodes of showing his great sense of humor on display. The RanDumb Adventures of an Irish Guy is the funniest TV show I have ever watched.

From personal experience Hayes can tell you, joking on stage in stand-up comedy is not an easy task. You can be as prepared as possible, but it will never be enough to determine what kind of reaction you will get from the audience. Even if the person begins with a good joke, it can be met with silence which may soon turn into faded laughter. Hayes doesn’t have to be worried about any of this, because he can come up with plenty of great catchphrases, and several jokes per minute to impress his audience.

During one of his sitcom’s The RanDumb Adventures of an Irish Guy, Hayes performs in a comedy where no matter who he hangs out with whether it’s black, white, Asian, or Native American people, almost everybody he comes across claims to be Irish. The whole scenario was funny itself, and Hayes manages to humor us with some more rather laughable situations he gets into.

Mark Hayes

For example, there is that situation when he asks for a coffee at a local Starbuck’s, and the salesperson thinks he said “Kathy” because of his heavy Irish accent. This is a source of annoyance to him, because imagine not drinking any coffee in the morning, when one needs a boost to keep them energized for the rest of the day.

Hayes noticed that his Irish heritage was proudly celebrated in America on St. Patrick’s Day, or how many Americans liked to call it St. Paddy’s Day. One of the most comical events Hayes encountered was that Americans’ love for St. Patrick’s Day was on steroids. Everything including people, water, pints, streets, apartments, shops, cars, and even pubs were all green. Most amusing of all the beautiful women serving customers at the bar, didn’t believe Hayes when he told them he is Irish. He even showed them his passport and incredulous as it may seem, the ladies still didn’t believe him, especially since he wasn’t wearing all green clothes.

In closing, Mark Hayes has so much humor in him he can make the most serious person laugh. He’s likeable, funny, and brilliant at standup comedy. As a comedian he has shown the differences between Irish culture and the Americanized version of Irish culture is. Due to the sheer talent he has displayed in comedy, Mark Hayes will go on to be honored with many awards, and will probably end up in the Hall of Fame for comedy.


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