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Mark Hayes The Legendary Comedian



Mark Hayes is an Irish comedian who is most famous for his TV show The Adventures of an Irishman in LA. This brilliant entertainer shows how much fun a random Irish dreamer who fantasizes can have and is busy living the life in LA. His character goes so far on his adventures, it’s enough to make Indian Jones jealous.

The stand-up comedian Mark Hayes continues chronicling his fun experiences across L.A. and charming audiences with his sarcastic and unique satire. Apart from this he is also promoting his YouTube series RanDumb: The Adventures of an Irish Guy in LA. Although Hayes is a talented actor with a style of his own, he is also known for being a very prolific writer.

Hayes has written blogs, poetry, and books. His three most popular blogs are promoted on his website They are called COMIC CONNED, HOLLYWOOD HAYES-REGRETS, and HOLLYWOOD HAYES-PIKEYS. Hayes has a nice touch as a writer and knows how to get people to keep reading. He gives the reader a taste of everything with some description, a little touch of humor, and some good metaphors. The books published by Hayes include Before I Come To LA, THE ADVENTURES OF AN IRISH GUY IN LA, and RANDUMB-ER THE CONTINUED ADVENTURES OF AN IRISH GUY IN LA!


The Book Before I Come To LA is a collection of memoirs containing all sorts of hysterical stories, such as him stabbing himself by mistake, being thrown in jail, stealing from the deaf, and much more. If you are the type of person who wants to have a good laugh, and enjoys some great comedy full of sarcasm, satire, and pure old-fashioned comedic fun. The second book in the trilogy THE ADVENTURES OF AN IRISH GUY IN LA! This story was so excellent several critics have given positive reviews. “I like book, me,” said Robbie Williams. The Verbal Magazine reported, “RanDumb is an intelligently put-together, often satirical analysis of the times we live in… a thoroughly entertaining read that will make you ‘LOL’- laugh out loud -as so many have done on Mark Hayes blog.” The evening echo commented, “The book is a very easy read and perfect for those of us with busy lifestyles… There is a real Ross O’Carroll-Kelly series feel to this book. Giddy up book number two!”

In short, Mark Hayes is a brilliant colorful comedian, who creates the finest art every chance he gets. His comedy captures audiences and he knows how to make people laugh and entertain them, both through his performance on the screen, along with all of his other works which are the most wonderful pieces of comedy in the world.


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