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Mark Hayes Is The Ultimate Comedian


Mark Hayes is somebody who truly stands out in the world of satire, and he is also the voice of Irish comedy. He can make audiences roar in comedy clubs all over LA. And Hayes also hosts a show called Luck of the Irish Night, which is an outstanding club at the center of good Los Angeles humor, writes scripts, and creates comedy sketches that are later released on YouTube.

A lot of talent is required in order to be a great comedian who amazes the audience. After all, it takes courage to get up on stage and be relatable so the comedian’s sense of humor can resonate with the audience. There are countless comedians, who practice their craft everyday but none of them are as good at making people laugh as Hayes manages to do so, with his quick wit and dark humor. “Standup is my first love and primary focus,” Hayes says.

Mark Hayes Is The Ultimate Comedian

Mark Hayes has also written a book called RanDumb: The Random Dumb Adventures of an Irish Guy in LA. This is by far the best comedy anybody can read. It includes the schemes of an Irish foreigner coming to America, specifically to LA with a dream and a vision burning deep in his mind. He wants to make it as a famous comedian, but when he arrives in the so-called City of Angels, he realizes that becoming the star of the show is not as easy as he thought it would be.

Hayes has a successful translation business back home in Ireland, but he still wants more, and his next move is to become a successful comedian. His ideal fantasy is to have a Hollywood Star between Lionel Ritchie and Dolly Parton on Hollywood Boulevard, a Beverly Hills mansion with a model in every bedroom, and enough alcohol for his luxury yacht. Hayes plans to pay for all of this by being a wealthy standup comedian. This is an epic story like no other about an adventurous man from Ireland, who is the perfect schemer, dreamer, drinker, thinker, bon viveur, enfant terrible, raconteur, and fan of foreign words in italics. So get ready and buckle up for a wild tour across the crazy world of LA!

Comedy is not an easy branch of entertainment. It takes skill to know how to make people laugh. This isn’t really something one can learn, because in most cases it needs to come naturally, like the way some people can play the piano, without having to practice too hard. Mark Hayes has what it takes to make it and become an accomplished comedian in Hollywood.


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