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Locksmiths in Barnstaple Devon Offer a Diverse Range of Services

The locksmith business is a very popular start-up industry and is on the increase year by year. We are seeing new independent locksmiths and locksmith companies start trading roughly every single week, all over the country, some are well trained through established, professional training centres but regrettably some of these locksmiths are not trained at all!


The locksmith industry of one of the few industries where no official training or regulation is required to set up and start trading. There is no official accreditation to get and no mandatory training required, this means that anybody can watch a few youtube 'how to' videos and claim to be a qualified locksmith and there really is no foolproof way to check whether a locksmith is a qualified of not before you hire them and many people and businesses have fallen foul of untrained, un-qualified locksmiths who have gone into their home or business and ended up causing more damage than the burglar or vandal.


Many professional locksmiths are now expanding their businesses to cover a whole range of other security related services. The reasoning behind this, one locksmith told us, is that a potential domestic or commercial customer is going to put more faith into a larger security business that covers locksmithing as just one of the specialities rather than a locksmith who simply claims to open locked doors.


Over the last couple of years we have seen more and more locksmiths offering a wider range of security services including burglar alarm fitting and maintenance, CCTV installation and maintenance and even more specialist services such as Door entry systems and advanced building access control systems.


Burglar alarms have become very widespread during the last 20 years or so, while before this a burglar alarm was a extravagance only afforded by the rich and famous. These days we basically have more items worth pilfering, small luxury items such as tablets, mobile phones, laptop computers can all easily be picked up and carried off even by the most amateur of thieves.


Almost every new build comes with a burglar alarm as standard but if it isn't maintained and serviced on a regular basis it could let you down when it's needed. Burglar alarms need servicing, batteries need replacing, bells and sirens need testing. Even a well maintained alarm won't last for ever and as new and better models come onto the market people want to upgrade too, making burglar alarm fitting and maintenance a very lucrative add-on for a skilled Locksmith Barnstaple.


Falling into a similar category to burglar alarms are CCTV and home security installations. CCTV for domestic and personal use has only become more popular in the last 5 or 10 years. This new trend of installing home surveillance equipment can be attributed mainly to the fall in price of the technology itself as well as the unfortunate rise in crime in many suburban areas. People also worry about leaving their homes empty for long periods when they go on holiday so they install the latest remote accessible systems so they can take a peek at the homes and belonging from anyway in the world simply by using their smartphone. This is the reason that CCTV installation and maintenance has become popular with professional locksmiths.

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