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Locked Out of the Safe? Things Not to Do


Most of the safes we have today have top security features. When you accidentally lock yourself out of the home safe, don’t panic. You might not know the reason other than you have entered the right combination, and the safe won’t open. Call an emergency locksmith and avoid wasting a lot of time and energy. Call and say my safe won’t open then relax and wait for the locksmith to arrive. the professional locksmith can tell you exactly why the safe won’t open. Here are some of the things not to do in the case of safe lockout:

  • Don’t panic

This is a mistake most people do. When you panic, you try to get the safe opened using any available method. You might end up destroying the safe and not getting in at the end. You end up losing time and money in buying another safe while you could have just called a locksmith. Try the combination a few times and if it doesn't open, call a locksmith.

  • Don’t try to override the safe’s security

Most of the modern safes have all kinds of security features installed. They are made to be hard to get into if you are not the owner. If you try to override the security of the safe, it might trigger some security mechanisms that might make it even harder to get in the safe. Know the type of safe and the security features it has before you try anything at all.

  • Don’t disassemble the safe wiring

Most people make the mistake of doing what they see people do in movies. If you think dismantling the unit’s wiring will get you access to the inside of the safe, you will be disappointed. If this were the case, then thieves would have an easy time getting in any safe. Trying to disassemble the wiring might trigger manual lockout leaving the safe useless once you open.

  • Don’t ever try to drill into a locked safe

This should be a last resort not for you but the locksmith after trying all the other methods and failing. You can hurt yourself and damage the safe making it unrepairable. The locksmith drills a safe because he has expert knowledge of how the lock mechanism is built and how it works.

To make things easier in the event, you are locked out of a safe, get professional help. These people have digital entry mechanisms and access keys that are used to avoid damaging the safe. They also know how to get in the safe without the risk of injury.


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