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Learning to Love Yourself - 14 Keys to Achieve It


Belinda’s Self Love Boutique explains how to love you more and better through mental health awareness. Self-esteem is the basic elements for our mental health and well-being.

Happiness and true love begin with self-love, or at least that’s what we hear around us. What happens is that when we love ourselves unconditionally we are able to give ourselves true well-being, we make better choices about the situations or people in our environment and we do not accept anything less than what we deserve.

However, when we get down to the task many times we do not have the slightest idea about how to love oneself , where to start, what to do differently and what to wear until saying to each other, but if I love myself! Here we will leave you some tips to start on the path of self-knowledge and unconditional love for ourselves.

The key to being able to love other people is, first of all, to love ourselves. It is impossible to offer others what we lack: if we are not able to feel love for ourselves, it will be impossible for us to have a healthy couple relationship.

What exactly does love yourself mean?

Loving yourself is closely linked to knowing how to give yourself the opportunity to get the best version of each one, discovering the potential that we have at all levels: affective, romantic and spiritual. Loving yourself also means being honest with ourselves and with the others, and commit ourselves to life and well-being and that of others. Furthermore, loving yourself also implies being attentive to our vital needs and accepting, respecting and loving ourselves for being who we are.

Self Love Boutique

Why Belinda’s Self Love Boutique?

With all of the women in mind, Belinda created the Self Love boutique, the women try to love other people as long as they don’t love themselves and accept their selves. The shop in Belinda’s t-shirt includes statements, art-inspired shirts and colorful everyday shirts. Everybody needs to note that we are all beautiful, strong and precious.

Make peace with yourself

A very nice way to start the journey of loving yourself is to reconcile with who you are. Accept that we have mistreated ourselves and forgive ourselves for all the criticism, all the judgments, all the times that we wanted to be someone else or that we feel insufficient. When you have made peace with yourself you are starting from scratch. You are facing a new beginning in which you are your best friend and your ally, without masks or pretenses. You will see that it feels as if you have taken a weight off yourself, you are free.

Rise the present with optimism to build a good future

Loving yourself also happens by stopping demanding more of us than we really are. Aspiring to improve in life and as people is a noble project, but it should not lead us to anxiety and underestimate how we are today. We must learn to break with the false beliefs that condition our present and our future, in addition to missing valuable things from our current life and our personality.

Live with your feet on the ground

Now that you know yourself and you already know what you like and what makes you happy, plan your life with real dreams and realistic, conscious and achievable goals; forget those goals that ultimately aim to change who you are and that result in terrifying amounts of anxiety and frustration.

Live your present with optimism, walking your own path with your feet on the ground, do not generate false hopes or false objectives. Think positively of who you are and where you are, and don’t be anxious about what you supposedly haven’t accomplished. Embrace your reality so sometimes you don’t like it, because that is where the great lessons come from.

Goodbye to the masks

To love yourself is to present yourself to the world as you are. It’s true that the world can be scary at times, but it’s even scarier to lock yourself in a mask (as well as unfair to the magnificent person you are). When you show yourself as you are, you shine!

Allow yourself to know the world as it is, and let others see yourself as you and no one else. This is also a form of unconditional love of its own. Loving yourself means showing yourself as you are in the different areas in which we operate. We must face reality, with its obstacles and difficulties. By being aware of our potential we can better connect with people and focus on our personal goals.

To love oneself is to be able to love others

No one else can know what you need more clearly than you. Your body, your emotions, your mind, everything constantly talks to you. Don’t turn off that voice; accept with love what you want, what you need and what you feel. Respect the time you give yourself, respect your dreams and your aspirations, respect your body and respect your space. Learning to love ourselves will give us a greater capacity to love other people. Why? When we take care of our psychological well-being, we are building a long list of good habits and attitudes that positively affect how we face the world. From a good base of self — respect we are in tune with other people who also love themselves, and we can establish healthy relationships that allow us to relate sincerely and to grow and mature together.

Lose fears and ties

When we are prepared to assume who we are, we manage to love ourselves. Then we free ourselves from the pressure to fail, and that is when the maximum personal development of our skills and abilities occurs loving oneself also implies a better knowledge of oneself. Do you know how you can find yourself to be happier?

Open your mind and free yourself: your life is yours

Loving yourself is also opening up and freeing yourself from certain conditions and expectations that others have placed in us. We cannot allow our life to pass in a kind of bubble , we must try to overcome the bonds, understand that they are only in our minds and start connecting with people or hobbies that we had not given ourselves the opportunity to meet.

Forget about social masks

Loving oneself is, as we have seen in the second point, stripping ourselves of masks and conventions. You should not please everyone: if you show yourself as you are, many will appreciate your honesty and will like to share good times with you.

To accept is also to know our limits

No one is perfect, no one. To love oneself it is not necessary to have unrealistic aspirations and ambitions, but rather to fight day by day to improve as much as possible, but within our possibilities and in a rational measure. There will be things in life that we will more or less like, and therefore we must know how to choose those that make us happy and delve into them.

Complain less and enjoy more

Loving ourselves necessarily implies taking responsibility for our actions, without regrets . We live on a planet that has arranged a series of factors that help us to progress and feel better about ourselves and the environment. Does it make any sense to spend the day complaining?

Develop your potential

The Theory of Multiple Intelligences of Gardner explains that each of us possesses natural instincts and talents that can be improved if we want to. One of the keys to developing ourselves as people is to perform based on activities that pose a fun and exciting challenge. We have to let our creativity and ingenuity flow to be aware of the great potential that we treasure.

Take a risk to live unique experiences

Do you know how many people have a gray life for the simple fact of not taking charge of their life? Seeing the days go by without leaving the routine is one of the ways to have a bad self-esteem. You have to learn to risk, be it on the sentimental, work, or any other level. Taking risks involves freeing yourself from many fears that we carry. This point is essential for our inner strength to awaken once and for all.

The keys to improve your self-esteem

Sometimes learning to love yourself and value yourself is not as easy as it sounds. This can be due to several factors, but one of the most common is a somewhat weakened self-esteem.

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