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Leading System Integrator Company in Dubai, UAE - Aerizome

Leading System Integrator Company rely heavily on information technology to ensure smooth operations. IT is now the main contributor to coordinate, manage, and track all major business processes, infrastructure, and resources. System integration brings this information technology advantage to the new level of the enterprise.


System integration is the process of integrating all business processes and operations into one place, the central server. The central server acts as the storage and database for all data; it also hosts many business applications, making communication with client systems possible. The server-to-client communication can be on any type of network, including the Internet, local area networks, wide area networks, and wireless networks.


System integration provides many advantages for enterprises.

Even if companies conduct business in multiple locations, they can operate as a whole. Because software, data, and applications are hosted and accessed from the same central server, everything in each branch will be the same, helping to provide standardized services to customers. It also enables companies to provide some value-added services, such as banking companies that now provide any branch banking facilities.


Enterprises can obtain higher productivity through system integration. The integration of different branches, departments, databases and networks provides better resources and an organized infrastructure. In addition, companies can reduce the amount of manual labor required to integrate these different branches and departments.


Improve the security of enterprise data and infrastructure. Since everything is stored and accessed on a central server, data backup, implementation of disaster recovery and business continuity solutions, data archiving and database updates will be very easy. In addition, companies can perform large-scale database or application updates that affect the entire organization or parts of the organization. In addition, since employees will run the same software programs and applications throughout the enterprise, transfers and promotions should not cause any major adaptation issues.


System Integrator in UAE can provide real-time monitoring and management throughout the organization. There is no need to generate and compile reports in branches or different departments. Everything will be provided on demand. Enterprise management tasks such as CRM, sales force automation, marketing and accessibility management can be easily implemented and monitored in real time.


Better support for new enterprise IT solutions. These include better support for virtualization, integration, network processes, and cloud computing, VoIP, and communication systems. Integration has also increased labor mobility.


The last point is to save costs. Companies can save the cost of many different servers and related hardware, as well as independent networks and internal reporting/communication. You can also save costs by reducing labor requirements, better managing labor, and increasing productivity.


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