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One of the most common headache and also the most frequent inquiry is the Legit Check problem. We all know that AJ1 is a very old tech 1985 product, which means highly good replica aka fufu pairs are everywhere. It's getting crazily difficult to ensure owning a legit pair, plus the sharp drop in Jordan brand quality on 2016/17 release - it just makes things worse..

So here you go, I tried to summarize couple of important legit check points that usually enough to differentiate bad from good, good from bad. And this guide is only apply for AJ1 High OG on 2016/17 release like Bred, Royal, Black Toe, Top3, All Star, Quai54, Metallic Red/Navy, Wings, etc.

Box size label

It's common that fufu pair has a different color definition on box label, even if it's a legit pair, make sure you're getting the right original box for it. For All Star, it has a AS in name. Quai54 with Q54, Wings with Wings.

On the bar code, Jordan brand also end with 14 and it should be displayed as below than other number but not too close to the bottom end.

The suggested retail label usually available only for US pair. Asia stock doesn't have one. The size tag name should be thin.


Box product code chop

Many people get mislead by online forum saying the code even the location of this code stamp is matter - this is BS. The availability of the produce code stamp only depend on distributor, and of course the location of this stamp can be various too. So don't make this as legit check point, but having it increases your confidence.

Extra Laces

Original extra laces should have package as shown in photo and definitely the number and style of the unused laces must be consistent:

Bred 2016: red and white

Black Toe 2016: red

Top3: red, white, blue

All Star: white

Wing Logo

The R and D must be connected with underline. And unfortunately for High OG pair the wing logo actually not that nice, it will feel a bit like print on the surface while comparing with like AJ1 Mid pair. But it's legit.

Back Heel

This is the easiest part to capture fake pair. The red snitch should align closely end to end with enough space in between. The middle snitch should sit right at the 3/4 space on the black bar.


Swoosh Cross

I still don't understand why Jordan brand making the decision to make the cross not stick with the swoosh logo (2013 version is stick together). So make sure 2016/17 version has some space in between the cross and the swoosh logo. There are some exemption like small size pair may have the cross very close to the swoosh logo.

Toe Head

2016/17 AJ1 toe head is tighter, and while look from the top, it can see both side of the leather. The box hole should be consistent and align correctly on the center.

AJ1 Bred 2016 Serial Code

This is only AJ1 Bred 2016 exclusively. The X should be thick, came across fake pair has very thin X.

Shoes Tree

Online forum like to cit shoes tree as legit check point, but in fact on the Nike manufacturing line or the distributor, they somehow mix those shoes tree with different product, so.. not a trustful point.


Brand new pair should have the insole nike/jumpman logo clear with both the 'R' mark. The size tag sticker is based on the distributor which is not a legit check point.

Insole back

It should have clear direction as shown on the photo on the layout. Usually blue color with some special exception like Wings, SBB.

Insole 'teeth'

Legit pair should have a 'teeth' on the front part of insole

The snitch

The snitch under should be nicely connected the sole, usually is white color.

Swoosh Logo

Another part I'm not happy on AJ1 2016/17, the make the swoosh logo has a wider angle in which the logo end it point up instead of point left or right.

The Leather

The leather on Bred, Royal, Blacktoe, etc should be clear and smooth which will reflect light.

Size Tag

Make sure the manufacturing date and release date are within the correct range, like you shouldn't see Royal 2017 with 2016 tag. And the product code is correct.

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