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Jubilee Ace Promises Profitable Returns on Trading Traditional Commodities and Cryptocurrencies


Jubilee Ace is the #1 world holistic arbitrage company focused on making investors happy with profitable returns and minimal risk. With a paid in capital of $50 million, Jubilee Ace specializes in multi-sector arbitraging opportunities around the world.

Arbitrage is a tool which refers to the simultaneous purchase and sale of assets or positions, to profit from the price difference between the two.

For instance, a commodity on stock exchange A has a purchase price of $1000 and a selling price of $1200 on stock exchange B. Despite that the purchase took place on stock exchange A and the sale on stock exchange B within seconds or simultaneously, the profit is basically fixed in advance and that is $200.

Also, Jubilee Ace makes use of Triangular arbitrage for trading.

Triangular arbitrage, referred to as cross-currency arbitrage or three-point arbitrage, is the exploitation of an arbitrage opportunity resulting from a price difference of three different items / commodities on a stock market.

Jubilee Ace started with traditional commodities trading arbitrage and then expanded to sports and cryptocurrency arbitraging.

Challenges of Arbitraging


  1. 1. Tracking and monitoring all major platforms 24/7.
  1. Lack of adequate proper knowledge and manpower.
  1. Having to constantly perform flawless calculations across every changes and odds.

However, there is good news!!!!

With the advent in technology, Jubilee Ace developed the Ace Quantum Universal Arbitrage (AQUA), an automated arbitraging system. This trading bot is based on python script that runs 24hrs with a high-speed data analysis. Currently running on Binance and other major exchanges. AQUA extracts big live data from around the world and runs them through Jubilee Ace's algorithm.

AQUA developed profitable trading and arbitrage scenarios across three specialized sectors - Commodities, Cryptocurrencies and Sports

  1. Commodities Arbitrage

This Involves the precise tracking of correlated products such as gold vs crude oil, and placing accurate trade orders on both products to maximize profits.


  1. Cryptocurrencies Arbitrage

Involves purchasing a Cryptocurrency like Bitcoin from an exchange, and immediately transferring and selling it on another exchange at a higher price for profit.


  1. Sports Arbitrage

This is the act of placing calculated wagers with credible sports books on all possible results of a sporting event. So that, a certain level of profit is generated at the end of the event.

Advantages of AQUA

  1. Operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  2. 100% fully automated trading platform.
  3. Deploys worldwide to scan and formulate the best arbitrage combinations.
  4. Low-risk, high-performance system.
  5. Monthly returns and commissions on investment.

Visit our website today and become a partner with Jubilee Ace Limited. Join in campaigns that earn from 1-6% every 5-6 days, available on Sports, Crypto and Commodities. Also, incentives like Direct Sponsor Bonus, Pairing Bonuses, Daily Dividends, Arbitrage Infinity Bonuses and Leadership Bonuses are all available.


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